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Staff Development and Training Committee October 20, 2009

Staff Development and Training Committee



Tuesday, October 20, 2009



295 UGL


Present:  Paula Carns, Camilla Fulton, Gail Hueting, Shuyong Jiang, Sharon McFarland, Susan Schnuer,         Beth Woodard, Helen Zhou


Absent:   Susan Braxton,  Lisa Hinchliffe,  Cindy Kelly, Sandy Wolf




After reviewing the agenda and subcommittee assignments, the group focused on the discussion items.

Subcommittee assignments:

Student Training
Cindy Kelly, Marlys Scarbrough, Darlene Chirolas, Sandy Wolf,  Barb Trumpinski, Sharon McFarland. 

Cindy Kelly, Karen Hogenboom, Susan Schnuer, Susan Hill, Paula Carns

Graduate Assistant Orientation
David Ward, Kathleen Kern, CIndy Ingold, Mary Schlembach, Emily Love, Susan Avery, Beth Woodard


Susan Braxton, Jenny Emanuel, Camilla Fulton, Jason Hamilton, Rudy Leon, Lori Mestre, Robert Slater, Peggy Steele, Helen Zhou, Shuyong Jiang,  Donna Hoffman, Gail Hueting

Needs Assessment
Lisa Hinchliffe, Shuyong Jiang,  Perhaps we need to add someone from the Library Assessment Working Group

Customer Service Working Group (a subgroup of Services Advisory and this committee)
Tina Chrzastowski, Susie Duncan, JoAnn Jacoby, Chris Johns, Debora Pfeiffer, Susan Schnuer  (co-chair),  Peggy Steele, John Wagstaff, Beth Woodard (co-chair)

Beth Woodard,  Lisa Hinchliffe, Gail Hueting, Paula Carns

Discussion and Suggestions

There were concerns about the winter retreat format, both in terms of the variety of topics to be discussed and the lack of planning time.
JoAnn Jacoby has asked me to meet with her about New Service Model needs for staff training and development.  Besides the change workshops, we've talked about effective meeting training.  Also it would be helpful to think about strategies for making the Team Leaders aware of the possibility of incorporating staff training into their Team's work and recommendations.  One model for doing this is Special Collections, which has drafted a document that outline expectations, but also guides people to the resources available and how to engage them  Another approach would be for me to go to the next team Leader meeting.  

3. Although Beth was thinking early in the week, the team recommended that Graduate Assistant Orientation and Training for Spring be held on the Friday that most folks are going to ALA.  Beth will see if anyone is available to present.

Next  meetings

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 1;30-3:00                428 Library

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 1:30-3:00              428 Library