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Staff Development and Training Committee September 1, 2009

Staff Development and Training Committee

Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Present:  Paula Carns, Gail Hueting, Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Kelly, Sharon McFarland, Sandy Wolf, Beth Woodard, Helen Zhou


Absent:  Susan Braxton, Camilla Fulton, Shuyong Jiang, Susan Schnuer


1.                  Welcome and Introductions

2.                  Please let Beth know of preferences for serving on subcommittees, with ranking of 1-3.

Gail volunteered for graduate assistant orientation, and wellness.  Lisa H.  Also volunteered for Wellness group.

3.                  The group agreed to renew the Lincoln Trail ClaSS subscription.  We need to remind people that these opportunities are available.  Emails to Gas, poster in break room.

4.                  Discussion

Planning document for staff training strategy.

Scholarly Commons

Easy Search

New Service models

Revise orientation checklists

organizational culture

Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning

TURING technologies, Clicker presentation

ARL  Pilot organizational look at assessment group


Beth will ask for an Oracle calendar for Sharon McFarland

Beth will talk to Cindy Kelly about employee protection process