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Staff Development and Training Committee January 19, 2010

Staff Development and Training Committee

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


428 Library


Present:  Camila Fulton, Cindy Kelly, Shuyong Jiang, Susan Schnuer, Sandy Wolf, Beth Woodard, Helen Zhou


Absent:  Susan Braxton, Paula Carns, Gail Hueting, Lisa Hinchliffe, Sharon McFarland


1.                  Discussion of Retreat

a.  need agendas at tables

b.  more information sooner

c.  2 hand held mikes are necessary

d.  lavalier mikes for speakers

e.  need to mix up who is reporting back –need to add to facilitator notes

            f.  Diversity team needs to provide feedback as well.

            g.  Add EPP stretching

            h.  need 2 tables for registrations

            I.  1 table complained that all the faculty left before the discussions

            j.  evaluations

1.                  On a scale of 1-5, was this a good use of your time?

2.                  Was the information useful from:

a.  Dick Wheeler

b.  Mike Androchek

c.  Ruth Walkins

3.                  Was the discussion that Chad Martinez facilitated useful in furthering your understanding of diversity in the library.

4.                  Did you feel engaged in the discussion at your table?  Yes.  If yes, why?  No.  If no, why not?

5.                  How can we improve the next retreat?

6.                  Suggestions for future retreats:

Beth will send draft to the committee and tell Scott.  Then ask the Assessment committee to review it.


1.                  Student Training-- met last week.  Meets again on February 25, 3-4 pm, and April 13, 3-4 pm

2.                  Supervising—met last week.  Meets again March 9, 2-3 pm.

3.                  Customer Service.  Susan and Beth will review the materials that Chris has pulled together and set up a meeting.

4.                  Untenured Librarians—Statistics training will be held the last week of January and the first week of February.

5.                  Graduate assistant training was held last week.  We had 7 participate in library-wide training, with 6 participating the rest of the week.

6.                  Wellness. 

a.  Pedometer challenge in April...needs information out in early March.  The pedometers should be ordered soon in order to get here in time.

            b.  IMPE or McKinley doing blood pressure checks in the library

c.                   a library group to do a 3k walk in a marathon?  Maybe a Saturday in the Armory?

d.                  Walk or ride your bike to work, everyone who does gets some sort of trinket

            e.  chair messages at your desk?

            f.  register for a marathon