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Staff Development and Training Committee Minutes August 4, 2009

Staff Development and Training Committee



Tuesday, August 4, 2009



428 Library


Present:  Susan Braxton,  Lisa Hinchliffe,  Cindy Kelly, Camilla Fulton, Shuyong Jiang, Sharon McFarland, Susan Schnuer,         Beth Woodard, Helen Zhou


Absent:   Sandy Wolf Paula Carns, Gail Hueting,




After reviewing the agenda and subcommittee assignments, the group focused on the discussion items.



Windows moving makers was discussed as a possible future training.  Also CD burner aps were suggested.


The expert list needs to be updated. For example, Joe Zumalt and Laura Hanson will need to be removed.

Possible folks to ask to join the technology group include:  Jim Hahn and Tanya Web.


Barb Trumpinski was suggested as someone who would be good on the Student Training Committee.


Supervisory training, 2nd group meeting.  Paula asked 2 things.  1) for an evaluation of how this project has worked (Susan and Beth) 2) projects from the group.  Lightning talks, parking lots, reading groups, were some of the suggestions that have come forth.


Customer Services

This group needs to compile the results of the survey.  A joint meeting of the three groups—LAWG, Services Advisory and Customer Services is need to discuss the next steps.