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Staff Development and Training Committee March 3, 2009

Staff Development and Training Committee

March 3, 2009



Present:  Laura Hanson, Shuyong Jiang, Susan Schnuer, Sandy Wolf, Beth Woodard, Helen Zhou, Joe Zumalt


1.                  Supervisory Training Institute.  The first 2 sessions were held February 18 and 19.  First Discussion with PTK was March 2.  Subsequent sessions will be held on March 31, 9 to noon, April 16, 1:30 to 4:30, and May 5, 9 to noon, and May 28 1:30-4:30 pm.

2.                  Customer Services.  The survey should come out next week.  Need to schedule Coping with Change workshops.

3.                  Supervisory 101 session are April 2, 14, 23  Deadlines for applications will be Friday

4.                  Technology Training-- how can we boost attendance and participation in Library Web 2.0 Session.  Incentives were discussed, but with the budget issues should probably be dropped.

Should we consider a session that ties it all together to talk about how the technologies relate to each other?

5.                  Training as a result of New Services Models.  Beth has asked that each task force consider training issues.  Perhaps this will be part of task for implementation team.    Some suggestions include:  Know Your Users, Prioritize Strategic Directions, How to Prepare for a Transition.  Videotape of PTK and Scott?  How to communicate new services model training needs. CAM is already being planned.  Scholarly Commons, Area Studies, Gov Docs.  As groups are formed, need to identify training needs AND include assessment.

6.                  Implications of 9 month appointments for GA training, with 3 months off?  Greater training needs every fall.

7.                  Project managements, running an effective meeting, assessment, goals, customer service, task analysis, job analysis, writing a job description

8.                  New unit heads.  Creating a positive work environment, establishing goals for new units, how to get people on board, customer services, minimal expectations, referral process.

9.                  RTG—for larger units, communication, clarify in decision-making roles,k budget management, creating documentation, How to build consensus

JoAnn needs a team for training, assessment, and project management

10.              Sue Searing asked if there is a checklist for orientation for employees who are transferred.  Do we need to develop one.

11.              HR—training

12.              Talk to Scott—document to Provost need to address training and development