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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Present: Camilla Fulton, Laura Hanson, Cindy Kelly, Sandy Wolf, Beth Woodard, Helen Zhou, Joe Zumalt

Absent: Susan Braxton, Lisa Hinchliffe, Shuyong Jiang, Susan Schnuer, Kate Swan

Introductions were made and new members welcomed to the committee.

Subcommittees and committee assignments were reviewed:

Student Training
Cindy Kelly, Lyn Petrie, Diana Walter, David Ward, Marlys Scarbrough, Darlene Chirolas, Sandy Wolf

Cindy Kelly, Karen Hogenboom, Susan Schnuer, Lyn Petrie, Kate Swan, Paul Healey, Susan Hill, Sharon McFarland

Graduate Assistant Orientation
David Ward, Kathleen Kern, CIndy Ingold, Mary Schlembach, Emily Love, Susan Avery, Beth Woodard


Helen Zhou, Shuyong Jiang, Joe Zumalt, Laura Hanson, Robert Slater , Jenny Emanuel, Camilla Fulton, Susan Braxton

Needs Assessment
Lisa Hinchliffe, Shuyong Jiang,Joe Zumalt

Customer Service Working Group (a subgroup of Services Advisory and this committee)
Tina Chrzastowski, Susie Duncan, JoAnn Jacoby, Chris Johns, Debora Pfeiffer, Susan Schnuer  (co-chair),  Peggy Steele, John Wagstaff, Beth Woodard (co-chair)

Beth Woodard, Bernice Harrington

Employee Protection Process

Cindy Kelly, Bernice Harrington, Chair, Beth Woodard, Sandy Wolfe

III. Review of last year's training activities and upcoming year

Last year: Supervisory Training Institute, Wellness

This year: Student Training, Customer Services, Continue Supervisory Training Institute, Employee Protection Process(?), Revise website

IV. Renewal of Lincoln Trail Libraries System Continuous Learning Subscription Service?

The committee voted to renew the subscription for CLaSS, which is a one time fee of $500 for access to CLaSS.

This year’s workshops include:

Customer Service: Winning Strategies, October 23 9-noon and March 4, 2009, 1-4

Grant Writing Feb 20, 2009, 1-#;30

Simple Ways to Green Your Library March 4, 2009 9am to noon

Empowering Library Staff to Meet the Needs of the Spanish Speaking Community, March 19, 2008 1-4 pm

Digital Cameras April 30, 2009 1-4 pm

Technology Series

Part 1 Technology-Based Marketing April 2, 2008 1-4 pm

Part 2 Technology Based Marketing April 21, 2008 1-4 pm

Searching with First Search September 23 9-11:30am and March 25, 2009, 9 am to 11:30 am


The second meeting in September was cancelled so that people can attend the CARLI demonstrations. The next meeting will be October 7.