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Staff Development and Training Committee Minutes October 21, 2008

Staff Development and Training Committee
Tuesday, October 21, 2008
428 Library

Present:  Susan Braxton, Camilla Fulton, Laura Hanson, Kate Swan, Sandy Wolf, Beth Woodard, Helen Zhou, Joe Zumalt
Absent:  Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Kelly, Shuyong Jiang, Susan Schnuer

I.  Welcome
II.   Review of Subcommittees and committee assignments/Reports

Supervising –met Tuesday, October 21, 9-10:30, Tuesday, December 9, 11-noon, Tuesday, January 20 9-10am   Cindy Kelly, Karen Hogenboom, Susan Schnuer, Lyn Petrie, Kate Swan, Paul Healey, Susan Hill, Sharon McFarland

Committee met to review the four applications for Supervisory 101.  Subcommittee will recommend attendees.  ACTION:  Approve recommendation.

Note: Supervisory 201 is being offered for the first time this spring.  Beth to reported to LSSC on October 21 at 10:00; the library faculty on October 22.
Supervisory Training Institute is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, February 18, Thursday, February 19, Tuesday, March 31 AM, Thursday, April 23, PM, Tuesday, May 5 AM, Thursday, May 31 PM, with lunches still to be arranged.  Budget request is pending.  ACTION:  Discuss need to involve last year’s attendees and Revise budget request

The group discussed having a session for supervisors of student assistants in January, including:

  1.  Teaching them how to have a job and our expectations.  (Cindy?)
  2. Writing job descriptions (David Ward?)
  3. Selecting and Recruitment (Cindy Kelly)
    1. Good interview questions (Mickey in Circ?)
  4. Orientation Checklist (Cindy/Beth)
  5. Training
    1. Library wide resources—Beth
    2. Creating a checklist for your unit—Peggy
  6. Day-to-day supervising and feedback
    1. Keeping students busy—Dan Hill; Paula Reveal
  7. Evaluation and Firing (Cindy)

Technology –met Monday, October 6, Friday, October 31, Friday, December 5
Helen Zhou, Shuyong Jiang, Joe Zumalt, Laura Hanson, Robert Slater, Susan Braxton, Jenny Emanuel, Donna Hoffman
Update on Meeting with Beth Sandore last Friday .  Informational, no action.
Camtasia—Courtney Greene—working with her on December 10 date.  Informational, no action.

Customer Service Working Group (a subgroup of Services Advisory and this committee)
Tina Chrzastowski, Susie Duncan, JoAnn Jacoby, Chris Johns, Debora Pfeiffer, Susan Schnuer  (co-chair),  Peggy Steele, John Wagstaff, Beth Woodard (co-chair)

Report of progress to date.   AC, EC, and LSSC group met on Monday, October 20th Informational, no action