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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 

Present: Donna Hoffman, Karen Hogenboom, Sandy Wolf, Helen Zhou, Shuyong Jiang, Beth Woodard, Joe Zumalt

Absent: Susan Schnuer, Laura Hanson, Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Kelly, Lyn Petrie


The group discussed the Customer Services Committee Charge.

Regarding the Wellness Committee membership, the group advised Beth to post a note to Libnews-L to recruit subcommittee members.


Supervisory Training

Beth will follow-up with Gil for the report to LSSC, and the group will report to the faculty meeting in September.


The Employee Protection Process was discussed at length. About 20 folks attended. Cindy has taken the idea to Paula, and she is very supportive. There are three different approaches to doing this, and the subcommittee will need to decide how this will work best in the library. Sandy will send Beth her notes and handouts, and Beth will follow-up with Cindy Kelly.

Re: Voyager training. Beth will follow-up with Gail and Fang regarding repeat sessions, and asking Fang for more advanced sessions. Beth will send out a reminder to staff that they can register for Voayger training. Karen has suggested that an advanced OPAC sessions for GAs will be needed for fall.


Library Help Desk has had lots of questions regarding the use of Office 2007 and would like to see a FAQ developed. The timing of the Wiki, Blog, Camtasia, and Dreamweaver sessions were discussed. There was a suggestion to record the Camtasia session. Beth will talk to Robert.

Helen reported that Robert and John have been talking about opening up the CMS, which may eventually lead to CSS training and more folks experimenting with CSS in Dreamweaver. For Blogs, wikis, and webtools, you have to understand CSS in order to modify and use Dreamweaver to edit.

WebJunction has been reloaded, but there are some problems with access. Helen and Joe have both logged in but had some problems with it.