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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

Tuesday, March 4, 2008
428 Library

Present:  Susan Schnuer, Cindy Kelly, Donna Hoffman, Lisa Hinchliffe, Lyn Petrie, Shuyong Jiang, Joe Zumalt, Karen Hogenboom, Laura Hanson, Helen Zhou, Sandy Wolfe, Beth Woodard

 Updates from subcommittees

  1. Technology
    1. Office 2007 workshops scheduled—purchased workbooks for instructor, software for training is loaded, and the laminated sheets are here.
    2. The committee has discussed promoting the online tutorials via WebJunction. (today’s Lincoln Trail session on WebJunction was cancelled)  Someone pointed out that signing up for webcasts has a problem on the confirmation end.  At least one person had their confirmation notice screen by the spam filter and had to call the WebJunction office.  There was another suggestion to provide step-by-step instructions in how to get into WebJunction
    3. Updates for “experts list” in process
    4. Development of sessions on wikis, blogs, etc.
    5. There was a question about whether the campus will stay with Oracle Calendar or go with either Google calendar or Outlook.  No one had heard anything, so Beth will check with Scott.
    6. It was suggested that Camtasia training is needed.  Beth will ask Susan Avery, who served on the CARLI instruction group, who conducted that training for CARLI.
    7. It was also suggested that we need to offer Dreamweaver training.  Beth will talk to Joe Strait at Parkland, and with the Parkland trainer.
  2. Student Training
    1. WebCT work continuing
    2. Purchased Dewey Easy and LC Easy
    3. Talking about mechanisms to share information via wikis, forums, shared folder on G drive
  3. Customer Service
    1. Request for workshop from facilities
    2. Work with Diversity committee
    3. Ordering materials
  4. Graduate Assistant training
    1. Need to develop a group to discuss changes needed for this year—how would you recommend developing this group?
    2. School starts Monday, August 25, so we should have  August 18-22 for training, but will need to accommodate training needs of units as well.
    3. Will need to find out date and time of GSLIS orientation that week
  5. Needs assessment
    1. Hasn’t met; need to schedule
  6. Supervising
    1. The group met for its initial 2 day retreat, and also had its first lunch with Paula.
    2. Cindy Kelly will be giving a session March 13 on giving feedback to employees.
    3. PPP will cover secretaries beginning April 1, as well as both unions.  It’s expected to cover open range employees by next year, so Cindy will be scheduling several more sessions.
  7. Instructional improvement
    1. Lisa  has a subgroup of User education that is addressing this.
    2. I submitted a request to Mary Laskowski for The Act of Teaching Part 1: Theater Techniques for Classrooms and Presentations; Part 2: Physical and Vocal Exercises, The Derek Bok Center Series On College Teaching, Disc 6
      Harvard University from Jossey Bass
       on of the few videos I’ve found on presentation techniques that’s not hokey.  Mary has ordered the whole set and will let me know when they’re in.
  8. Wellness
    1. Meg has worked with Mettler for a proposal for a wellness fair that would include several sample fitness classes for a cost of $600.  There was a suggestion that we ask if they will do a drawing for a free 6 month membership.  If there is interest in the classes, we will need to find a location close by.  Some options discussed were the Y, local churches, the Armory, Levis and the Union.  There will probably be costs incurred. 
    2. Cindy Kelly reported that she has discussed with Paula some options for purchasing pedometers for the spring pedometer challenge.
  9. Staff Development and Training Coordinator position

    EC is reviewing, but unlikely to be funded at full time.  They have not yet discussed continuing a half-time position.

  10. Budget Requests The budget committee has not yet set a date for budget requests, but we should be working on this now to be ready for the request.  We’ll know soon whether we can just ask for the same funding, or if the request has to be a detailed one.  I don’t have detailed information from what we’ve spent other years since the Business Office didn’t keep it separated.  I will have it for this year.
  11. Staff Development and Training Web page

    Julie Yen, my GA, is meeting with David Vess on the redesign on the web page and moving it over into the CMS.  They’re supposed to be meeting this week, so can give you more information as I get it.