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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

October 2, 2007

295 UGL

1-2 pm 

Present: Beth Woodard, Lyn Petrie, Shuyong Jiang, , Karen Hogenboom, Susan Schnuer, Sandy Wolf, Helen Zhou, , Donna Hoffman. Lisa Hinchliffe 

Absent: Cindy Kelly, Joe Zumalt 


Tuesday, October 16, 2007 1-2 295 UGL


Upcoming Subcommittee meetings:


Technology—Monday, October 15 3-4 423 Library

Supervising—Thursday, October 4 1-2:30 423 Library

Student Training—Tuesday, October 9 10-22 428 Library


Need to schedule:

Needs assessment

Customer services

Unit Head



Technology (Helen Zhou, Shuyong Jiang, Donna Hoffman, Joe Zumalt, Laura Hanson)

Web updating—Darlene will lead sessions in the next couple of weeks. We’re trying to schedule now

Oracle training—Donna will conduct sessions this fall. There was some discussion about which version, the software version, or the web version, and how long the session should be.

Parkland —I’ve contacted Joe Streit to arrange for Wanda to consult on CSS/CMS training and to conduct Dreamweaver, Access and Excel.

A suggestion was made to repeat session on Excel for Fund Managers and Using Access for Voyager Reports (via CARLI) so that practical applications are emphasized.

Emerging technologies forums: We’ll ask David Vess to “host” the session on Wikis, (and pay him on training funds) highlighting the Collection Development Wiki via CITES software, and asking a couple of people who use PBWiki as well. Laura Hanson has used PBWiki for conference planning for USAIN We need another example as well. Susan Avery has used for CARLI Instruction. Later, we’ll ask Frances Harris to moderate a session on Blogs. Her blog is on free software, where others are using Moveable Type. It was suggested that Katie Newman talk, as well as someone using the comments feature, like Scott Walter. Next summer, we’d like to ask someone from Undergrad, perhaps Meg Burger, to moderate a session on Social Networking. David Ward can talk about Twitter applications. ACRL 2009 is using the “Ning” network and Lisa Hinchliffe can talk about that.


Customer Services (Susan Schnuer). Has not yet met.


Student Training (Cindy Kelly, Marlys Scarbrough, Darlene Chirolas, Sandy Wolf)


Supervising (Cindy Kelly, Karen Hogenboom, Susan Schnuer, Lyn Petrie, Kate Swan, GA Training: (No specific group)

Open discussion: to be scheduled


Wellness (Meg Burger, Lyn Petrie)

GA Training:

No specific group coordinates this. An open discussion will be scheduled early summer.


Professional Development for Teaching and Learning Working Group (Subcommittee of User Education)

Lisa Hinchliffe, chair, Sue Searing, Beth Woodard, Dawn Cassady, Susan Avery


Copyright Adhoc group

Beth Woodard, Janice T Pilch, Lisa Hinchliffe, Kathleen Ann Clark Newman, Cindy Ingold, Sarah Shreeves, Chair

This group is planning one or two workshops.



The Diversity Committee is coordinating training efforts. Emily Love is serving as liaison to this committee. A diversity workshop was held on Wednesday, March 14.

Lincoln Trails also offered diversity events.



Adhoc group

Cherie Weible, Susan Avery, and Adriana Cuervo

Meets generally once a year to determine events for the upcoming years.

University Librarian holds lunch once in the fall and spring semesters.



No one has coordinated this since Dale Ann left two years ago. She held a series of workshops for volunteers moving the books into Oak Street. Could this be considered part of the Wellness series?

Professional Development for Teaching and Learning

Copyright—Beth with ask Scott to pursue this.

Diversity (Beth is meeting with them November 13)


Need to brainstorm ways to get this information out to staff. Ideas?

Meet with Administrative Council? Beth will ask to get on the agenda, and will create a handout for it.

Meet with LSSC?

Create brochure?

Other ideas? One suggestion was to ask if the Library School want to co-host an event around this. Beth will call Webjunction and ask if someone will be coming to talk about it. We may want to try to get people to post testamonials. 


Lisa had an update on the classroom for room 314 Library.


Lisa, Merinda, Beth, Paula Carnes, Nancy O’Brien, Lee Gallaway, and Jeff Schrader have meeting to talk about the space. Systems is supposed to move out around Thanksgiving, so there will be a better idea after that about how the timeline will work.