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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

April 1, 2008 

Present: Beth Woodard, Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Kelly, Joe Zumalt, Laura Hanson, Susan Schnuer, Sandy Wolf, Karen Hogenboom

Absent: Donna Hoffman, Helen Zhou, Lyn Petrie, Shuyong Jiang 

  1. Discussed training with the Abraham Lincoln Museum Library folks.
  2. Updates from subcommittees:
    • Technology
      • Experts list survey sent out
      • Robert will come to a future meeting to discuss further CMS efforts. –it was suggested that he be invited to attend the technology group.
      • We should also ask Beth to come to a future meeting. Need documentation on how to map to a network drive, how map a web drive, her vision of how she sees training and support in the new structure of IT. IT needs training on how to give training. How do we integrate. Who does she see as her trainers
      • Wikis and blogs—open this session to the Abraham Lincoln Library folks
    • Student training
      • Discussed options for sharing training materials
    • Customer service
    • Graduate assistant training
      • Discussed having a meeting to talk about training for fall in late May
    • Needs assessment
      • Policies
      • Tips, manuals
      • Professional literature
      • “best practices in student employment”/Rules of Student employment—Cindy suggests HR will collect this summer, need a process for collecting.
      • When would we use? What content do we see there? Do you want this to be participatory?
      • Need to articulate this problem to Scott
    • Supervisory training
      • Susan Schnuer asked if Laura would do a feedback session to the AULS on the supervisory training.
      • STI needs to present at a faculty meeting
    • Instructional improvement
      • Susan and Merinda and Lori Mestre have been suggested as good resources for the Camtasia training session
    • Budget update
      • Budget requests not asked for yet.
      • No word on coordinator position.