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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

March 6, 2007

Present: Beth Woodard, Lyn Petrie, Shuyong Jiang, Donna Hoffman, Karen Hogenboom, Helen Zhou, Susan Schnuer, Lisa Hinchliffe, Joe Zumalt

Absent: Cindy Kelly, Michael Norman


  1. Diana Walter resigned, citing inability to be able to attend meetings. The group brainstormed some individuals who might be asked. Karen asked Patsy Inskip to join the group.
  2. Beth reported that User Ed will contact us about forming a joint group to re-examine our calendaring needs and write up specifications regarding our needs to online calendars. Beth Woodard and Joe Zumalt will be on this group. We may also need to include Jeff Schrader and Chris from his office.
  3. For the May 1 meeting, Scott Walter will attend our meeting. What topics should we address and what materials should be sent ahead of time? Specifics mentioned include: the importance of training, helping staff members find the time to attend sessions, and encouraging unit heads to make training a priority. Another topic is the old idea of tying training to performance evaluation, rewards, and the work environment and communication. Another thing we need to stress in this discussion are the successes of this committee, such as the calendar, the permanent budget.
  4. The group discussed the license agreement for the Customer Service DVD of $370 for networking and the group decided it was too expensive.
  5. The group discussed the need for unit head training, and brainstormed about individuals who would be included in this training. During this discussion, it became apparent that many don’t know about the orientation checklists.


The next Staff Development and Training Committee meeting will be April 6.