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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

February 6, 2007

Present: Beth Woodard, Lyn Petrie, Shuyong Jiang, Donna Hoffman, Karen Hogenboom, Helen Zhou, Susan Schnuer, Lisa Hinchliffe

Absent: Joe Zumalt, Diana Walter, Cindy Kelly, Michael Norman


Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed. Problems and issues with streaming the video for Customer Service were discussed.

The committee reviewed the subgroups and discussed issues related to them.

When discussing the Customer Services group, it was brought up that the Services Advisory group is discussing the values statement. Beth will email Scott to let him know that this revision will play an important part of the Customer Services group’s work. Some others who might be invited to participate in this group include: Lynne Rudasill, Zoe Revell, Susie Duncan, Greg Homerding or Patsie Inskip in Chemistry. Besides the introduction to the RUSA Behavioral Guidelines for GAs during orientation, we regularly offer sessions on the Reference Interview, and the Chat reference interview. Problem Patrons is a session that Beth Woodard and Sue Searing offered several years ago and could be brought back. Another option would be to have this group conduct discussions about process improvement and/or assessment of customer services. Since the Assessment position was not funded, it is unlikely that Services Advisory will do anything besides the User Surveys.

In the context of discussing the initiatives of the Diversity Committee, Susan Schnuer noted that they’ve had Brian do sessions for Mortenson, and he does a good presentation on the kinds of disabilities students have today, and emphasizes that they have more mental illnesses and disabilities than before. Meg Burger is going to the session with the Vietnamese group, so she will give some feedback on the session. This would be a good one for the Customer Services and Diversity group to pursue.

The Untenured professional development activities also fall under Staff Training and Development now. Karen noted that RPC would be willing to do a session about the new forms and bring attention to the fact that money is available. The idea of having someone mentor people writing their first proposal was discussed. We spent some time talking about how the Research Brown Bags didn’t work because we don’t hire for research groups the way that the teaching faculty do. RPC is unlikely to fund an assessment project that is purely administrative. There would be some ICR seed money for this.

Lisa had Cindy Kelly give a talk last fall about the Civil Service System, including: bumping, rosters, upgrades, PPP, etc. The staff were very enthusiastic about it, so Lisa thinks it would work well as a Library-wide session. Karen noted that as a new supervisor, she would be interested in knowing specifics about supervising someone in the civil service system. It was suggested that it is useful for people to be in the same room and hear the same thing.

Since there is currently no subgroup on GA training, Beth wondered if it would be useful to have an open discussion about GA training. The survey several years ago was merely on the Voyager training that was done for them. Lisa suggested that there should be people “invited” to the session, but also it should be opened up. She noted that David Ward had rewritten job descriptions for students and graduate assistants after attending the supervisory workshop last year. A possible discussion topic would be evaluation. Susan Schnuer evaluates her outgoing GA as if it was a professional position. Nancy O’Brien has exit interviews. Kathleen Kern uses peer evaluations mid-way through the year. All three could be invited to present at a panel on giving feedback to graduate assistants.

Susan Schnuer asked about e-learning options, which brought up a familiar discussion of people not making the time for online learning and recognition for improving performance. Without unit heads being accountable for the good management of their units and the performance of their employees, AND being rewarded for it, training will not be made a high priority.

A suggestion was made that the committee work with Scott so that one month before the ARL statistics are due, that a session be held on Completing Your ARL Statistics Form.

Needs Assessment: February 27, 2-3 pm.

Technology : February 20, 2-3pm

Student Training Feb 27, 10:30-noon

Supervising February 20 1-2, March 27 1-3 in Mortenson, April 17 1-2


The next meeting of the whole group will be Tuesday, March 6, 2007.