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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

April 6, 2007 

Present: Beth Woodard, Lyn Petrie, Shuyong Jiang, , Karen Hogenboom, Susan Schnuer, Joe Zumalt, Patsy Inskip, Cindy Kelly, Michael Norman

Absent: Donna Hoffman, Helen Zhou, Lisa Hinchliffe

Not enough people felt comfortable with reviewing the orientation checklists, so Beth will meet with Cindy Kelly to review. Beth will also contact Kim Hutcherson to see if the Business Office has training materials on filling out time cards.

The second version of the Customer Service DVD license agreement was reviewed, and was agreed that it is still too expensive.

The agenda for the meeting with Scott Walter on May 1 was reviewed. It was agreed that we’ll discuss accomplishments, morale, how to encourage attendance at events