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Staff Development and Training Committee minutes September 5, 2006

Staff Development and Training

September 5, 2006




Present:  Donna Hoffman, Diana Walter, Joseph Zumalt, Lyn Petrie, Beth Woodard, Helen Zhou, Shuyong Jiang  


Absent:  Karen Hogenboom, Susan Schnuer, Lisa Hinchliffe


Training needs perceived by the committee:


Technology training


Customer Service


Time management


Stress Management

            Shi Gong session should be repeated, if possible


How to manage your boss


PPP training for librarians



Ask:  What sort of training do you need in order to do your job better?


Also, suggestion regarding job advancement, How to make yourself promotable? Or Navigating the Classification System.  Another suggestion was :  Training your replacement

Writing instruction sheets for your own job


Another suggestion was to have a Wiki for staff training so that people can share the materials they have created, such as:

Serials claiming in EbscoNet

Student time sheets in Banner