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Staff Development and Training Committee Minutes October 3, 2006

Staff Development and Training

October 3, 2006


Present:  Donna Hoffman, Lyn Petrie,  Shuyong Jiang, , Joe Zumalt, Karen Hogenboom, Beth Woodard, Lisa Hinchliffe


Absent:  Cindy Kelly, Helen Zhou, Susan Schnuer, Michael Norman


1. Cindy was unable to attend but sent word that she had scheduled room 66 on October 20 and 27 for the PPP Refresher and the Supervisor, Know Thyself sessions.


2.  The DVD Customer Service at the Library:  Making the Experience Meaningful and Memorable was previewed and it was recommended that we purchase it.  Beth will inquire about the permission/license to place on a video server if we make it available only to library staff members.


3.  We rechecked the online learning opportunities available now through CITES, which appear only to be for Sun software.  In reviewing the report on online learning, it was reinforced that we need to explore more options for online opportunities.  Beth will ask Wendy to explore NetG quote for library access and will also contact WebJunction about possibilities of becoming a community partner.


4.  By this Friday, Beth encouraged everyone to send in their preferences to serve on subcommittees:  needs assessment, customer service, technology, student training, and supervisory training.


The next meeting is October 17, 2006