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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

May 1, 2007 

Present: Beth Woodard, Lyn Petrie, Shuyong Jiang, , Karen Hogenboom, Susan Schnuer, Joe Zumalt, Patsy Inskip, Michael Norman, Helen Zhou, Lisa Hinchliffe

Absent: Cindy Kelly, Donna Hoffman 

Guest: Scott Walter


  1. The committee discussed the reappointment process, and Beth urged those whose terms are ending—J oe, Patsy, Lyn and Michael—to volunteer for reappointment.
  2. Additional subcommittees and working groups were identified, including:
    • Calendaring, a joint committee with User Education, Lisa Hinchliffe, chair, Beth Woodard, Joe Zumalt, Merinda Hensley, Jennifer Hain Teper
    • Voyager Training, with representatives from Circ, Cataloging and PIT, Karen Hogenboom, Stephanie Atkins, Gail Hueting, Stephanie Baker, Beth Woodard, Chair
    • Cataloging Training, Coordinated by Gail and Michael, Bibliographic Description, Assigning Subject Headings, Connexion Training
    • CAPT, demonstrations
    • Digitization
    • Preservation and Conservation, Handling Books, Booksnake Workshops, How to make Repairs
    • Mortenson 


Discussion with Scott Walter, AUL for Services

  1. The group shared the updates to the subcommittee list with Scott.
  2. The group discussed whether or not to fund the ACRL webcast on Author Rights
  3. There was some discussion of the fragmented nature of training, running through this committee or not. In some ways there is too much going on for all of it to be funneled through this group.
  4. Implementation of the new employee orientation was discussed. The group spent a lot of time creating these materials, but there is no way to implement it. Scott suggests that we send him a proposal to take to Paula making training for unit heads about orientation part of the hiring process, and assigning the responsibility for moderating this to the HR office. Could the Budget Group also require that training be mandatory? This would require at least quarterly training, if not more frequently. Additionally, could HR distribute welcome packets and hang tags, as has been discussed in this group previously. HR can certainly do the business end of orientation, and faculty do the P & T stuff, but the unit head would need to do the rest. Perhaps asking new employees to check off the items that they would feel comfortable explaining to someone else would give a sense of whether it’s working or not.
  5. The question was raised it we could get a core group of people to sign on to Supervisory training for a specified period, which would give us a reason to develop a curriculum in that area.
    1. What should everyone know?
    2. What areas of competency (basic)
    3. How do be get people to be creative contributors?

Scott would take the proposal to Paula from us. We would need to be bold in our thinking, and asking what would be included. Need to include a budget, including lunches, Levis and Union rentals, retreats, and a robust set of options.

  1. Joe talked about the Texas A & M approach which had a 4 staff members, who could then make “ house calls” where people worked. Joe suggested perhaps we need to bring out the White Paper again.
  2. Scott believes we need to push Paula and EC to determine if the Library wants to be a leader in staff development. Most organizations spend about 2% of their budget of training and development and this library is nowhere close to that.


The next meeting is June 5 at 1:00 in room 428 Library.