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Staff Development and Training Committee Minutes September 19, 2006

Staff Development and Training

September 19, 2006


Present:  Donna Hoffman, Lyn Petrie,  Shuyong Jiang, Michael Norman, Joe Zumalt, Karen Hogenboom, Beth Woodard


Absent:  Cindy Kelly, Helen Zhou, Susan Schnuer, Lisa Hinchliffe


1.  GA continuing education:

            Oak Street—April


            Collection Development—March


2.  Cindy—will try to schedule some of the supervisory stuff in October


3.  Time management


4.  Technology

Still no timeline for strategy for CMS.  Karen has the impression that it will be at least 6 months.


5.  Beth had sent out a message regarding previewing a video and there seems to be some interest in it, so it will be requested.


6.  There is some online learning opportunities available now through CITES.  The sessions our staff might be interested in, however are buried down pretty deep.  We need to incorporate the suggestion to utilize online learning opportunities with supervisory training.  Lisa had suggested that we read the report on online learning


It was agreed that we will do this for our next meeting and discuss.


7.  The employee performance evaluation training materials need to be advertised more widely.


8.  We discussed holding issues-focused discussions.  There seems to be some interest in continuing this.  We will coordinate with Michael’s Metadata Chat series, however, to make sure we balance out the offereings.


9.  Beth would like everyone to serve on one or two subcommittees.  Right now we have needs for:  Needs assessment, customer service, technology, student training, and supervisory training.