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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

October 17, 2006

Present: Beth Woodard, Lyn Petrie, Shuyong Jiang, Joe Zumalt, Karen Hogenboom, Lisa Hinchliffe

Absent: Cindy Kelly, Susan Schnuer, Michael Norman, Diana Walters, Donna Hoffman.

  1.  Vacation and Sick Leave Reporting session for LOAs had to be cancelled. Cindy Kelly will reschedule after her surgery.
  2. PPP review session is scheduled for Wednesday.
  3. Beth has discovered the DVD, Customer Service in the Library, cannot be purchased on training funds if we want to add it to the collection and let others besides staff view it. Collections cannot be purchased on administrative funds.
  4. Terry Lowe is confirmed for the December 6 time management session.
  5. The request from Mary Laskowski to assist in funding a replacement for Fish! had to be turned down since we cannot use administrative funds to purchase collection materials.
  6. Technology will meet 1-2 and Assessment 2-3 during on the November 21 st time slot.
  7. There are remaining questions about web editing training.
  8. There was a suggestion that the library retreat be reinstated and use that for training time.
  9. It was agreed that Beth will submit the announcement about Time Management as soon as possible and that Lyn will do a testimonial to encourage people to attend.

The next meeting is November 7, 2006.