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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

June 6, 2006

Present: Sue Searing, Lyn Petrie, Cindy Kelly, Beth Woodard, Mary Beth Allen, Donna Hoffman, Michael Norman, John Weible

Absent: Lisa Hinchliffe, Diana Walter, Tom Teper


Sue Searing asked her division to respond to our brainstorming ideas for getting people to attend training. There reactions were that certificates were okay, it’s not necessary to recognize people at parties, and food is best.

Training requests and the upcoming CMS

The requests included: 2 4-day intensive web design, 2 flash, 1 Cascading Style Sheets, and 1 Dreamweaver and Databases session.

After discussion with the individual, the request for Dreamweaver and Databases session was withdrawn. John had discussed some of the problems surrounding the assumptions of the workshop with Ryan, who is actually going to attend the more advanced of these sessions.

Since Flash is not a workshop we’ve provided, nor will be affected by the CMS, those sessions were approved. Similarly, the session on CSS will be just as valuable within the new CMS as it is now, so that session was approved.

Since the 4-day intensive workshops focus on using specific software that won’t be used in the CMS and on how to design the pages, alternatives were suggested. The CSS workshop or the 2-day accessibility workshop by Jon Gunderson were the alternatives offered. As John Weible pointed out, if web pages are designed for accessibility, a lot of usability issues are covered. We might want to talk to Jon about doing a session for us, perhaps with more emphasis on CSS.

CSS seems to be emerging as a priority for training for next year, and we need to find someone to do workshops for us locally.

For the future, John indicates that a small group of people would be trained for design of templates used on the library web page. With Aart’s retirement, he proposed a more forward-looking position addressing issues of best practices, accessibility, and usability, possibly creating a “ usability lab” for the campus. The budget group thought this position should come later, after more day-to-day pressing staffing needs are met, and after the IT review.

Sue asked if some of the web page hosting that people do for their service side, like for professional committees, would be hosted in the CMS, or would people have continuing need for software like Dreamweaver and FrontPage to maintain pages outside the CMS. John indicated that the CMS will be able to host them, but some people will probably choose not to place them within the CMS.

Supervisory Workshops

Janis has scheduled her session on Managing Your Boss for July 21. Cindy has a couple of topics for supervisors to discuss, including Time Reporting, PPP, and the New Library Classification. Her original idea was to have lunch time discussions, but upon reflection, she’ll look at morning options.

Fish Reunion

Sue has scheduled the Fish! Reunion for June 20.


Library-wide orientation is scheduled for the morning of August 16. Cindy was wondering about introducing the GA orientation checklist at that session.

Other orientation sheets have had good response, with people coming back and asking questions, but no one has sent any back for the files. HR needs to set up some sort of tickler system to check up on the use of the checklists.

For faculty, need to add division membership, administrative council representation, Executive Committee, Faculty meetings, and Faculty Senate, possibly under Communication. For staff, need to add Staff Steering Committee, and Staff representative for each division.

User training

A recent problem with billing has raised some issues about students not being aware that writing in books is a billable offense. Beth will pass along to Tom Teper the suggestion that this is a topic that can be added to the Preservation and Conservation campaign, with bookmarks as a possible vehicle.

The next meeting is Tuesday, July 11. The next meeting after that will be in September.


Respectfully submitted,

Beth Woodard