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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

November , 2005

1:00-2:00 pm

428 Library 

Present: Beth Woodard, Diana Walter, Lyn Petrie, Sue Searing, John Weible, Susie Duncan, Zoe Revell, Mary Beth Allen

Absent: Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Kelly, Michael Norman

Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and approved.

  1. No news on acting coordinator during Beth’s sabbatical.
  2. Student training—A suggestion was made that other ways of testing should be included, like short answer or performance-based, that supervisors can do instead of computer-based quizzing.
  3. Delegation and Time Management evaluations were distributed and people commented on how positive the evaluations were. There was also a comment that the presenter did a good job of responding to questions. Someone else thought that the sessions were very interactive. One individual thought it the evaluation was difficult to use because of the closeness of “okay” and “ good.”
  4. Experts list—Beth will send out a reminder next week. Hopefully, we can get something up by the end of next week.
  5. PeopleAssets. It was agreed that Beth should talk to Paula and Bob if they want to pursue “ leadership” for a small groups. Beth will email him about workgroup culture. There were several comments that they thought the DiSC profile will be more helpful.
  6. Beth will email Jenny Levine about coming in February or March.
  7. Stress Management. For the short term, Beth will contact Terry Jobin for a repeat session, explore the professor who did the relaxation techniques class last year, and will investigate costs to bring in Laura Canady, who several people have heard and thought was good. Scheduling this should be in December, before finals week, as finals week is often hard to get away from library units.
  8. Effective Communication. Several individuals thought we should investigate a workshop on this topic.
  9. Conflict Management. Beth will email Marshall Huffman about coming back.
  10. Development series. Karen is speaking on “Keeping Print” next week. Beth will ask David Ward if he would do a “tech trends” discussion after ALA.
  11. Content Management Systems—upcoming. No immediate training needs, mainly communications through discussion via web forum.
  12. Beth wondered if we needed to explore replacement for NetG, like “Video Professor” of videos, etc. There was not a big perceived need felt. A suggestion was made that a question about the need for self-paced training should be part of the focus group questions.
  13. Virtual rooms for audio and video archives. We need to have equipment for recording sessions. Streaming video was discussed.
  14. Certificates for attendance at sessions are needed.
  15. Awards ideas…parking spot next to the library for “employee of the month,” and Messages?
  16. The orientation checklists need to be posted to the web and promoted. Beth will check with Cindy to make sure we have the latest version.


Next Meeting: November 15, 2005