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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

October 18, 2005

1:00-2:00 pm

428 Library

Present: Beth Woodard, Diana Walter, Michael Norman, Lyn Petrie, Sue Searing

Absent: Lisa Hinchliffe, Tom Teper, John Weible, Susie Duncan, Cindy Kelly, Zoe Revell

The minutes of the last meeting were distributed and comments solicited.

  1. Summaries of comments from Terry Lowe were also distributed.
  2. T4B schedules were examined by the group. Supervisor Boot Camp is being offered March 8, 15, 29, 2006. The group agreed that the individuals serving on the Supervisory subgroup who didn’t get to attend last year should be offered the first opportunity to attend. Beth will email them. Since the “Coaching” sessions are not being offered this year, the group agreed to send 4 people to the half-day workshops January 10, 2006, on Supervising Students, with the understanding that they will contribute to a presentation/workshop in the library.
  3. Beth has emailed Lance and Jim about doing a WebTools workshop for the library, but has not heard back from them yet.
  4. The Experts List is ready to send out.
  5. The group returned to the discussion of rewards and positive feedback, and noted that several comments from Terry Lowe’s summaries reinforced these ideas. Diana Walter particularly noted that several people were positive about the “Star Magnet” idea. The PPP discussion at Administrative Council was noted. The group discussed whether more training was needed, or gentle reminders at the division level.
  6. Lyn Petrie wondered if this group had discussed LSSC’s idea of “reviewing” sessions, and the group thought it was a great idea. Lyn indicated that she was willing to write something up about the time management session. The sessions were reviewed for those who could not attend. The consensus was to ask for them to be repeated next fall.
  7. Names were solicited for replacement of Tom Teper on the committee
  8. After discussing the option of dividing the SDAT Coordinator position into two 3 month segments; November to February and February to May. Michael Norman offered to coordinate the January GA training
  9. Lyn Petrie offered a suggestion for a great book to read, entitled “Don’t Shoot the Dog,” by Karen Pryor, on the benefits of positive reinforcement.
  10. Sue Searing noted that the Social Sciences Division has discussed the importance of web skills in creating and maintaining web pages, since web pages are central, rather than ancillary, to the library’s service mission. They have become a communication tool rather than a technological tool. Webmaster training has been inconsistent, and the listserv is not active. The skills gap between graduate students who are constructing the pages, and permanent staff is becoming larger, and we need to establish some sort of Minimal expectations for permanent employees.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Woodard