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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

May 16, 2006


Present: Lisa Hinchliffe, Sue Searing, Lyn Petrie, Cindy Kelly, Beth Woodard, Mary Beth Allen, Diana Walters, Donna Hoffman


The DRES film and discussion had 6 attendees at the first session and 16 at the second. The opportunity to talk with the DRES speaker, who was blind, was viewed favorably by attendees.


The problems with non-attendance at Microsoft sessions was discussed. One suggestion was that sessions could be rotated every other year so that people didn’t get so that they expected sessions to be offered every year.

A reminder about the Experts List should be sent out. Another suggestions is a list of what other units are doing with software programs should be compiled so that people have some other ideas of what can be done.


It was suggested that a survey of training needs should be sent to the 39 new people. 


A suggestion was made that everyone needs a mentor who has a broader view of your job and can help you with your development.


Lisa looked into the ALA sponsored access to NetG, which is $140 per person. Lisa thinks we should have Wendy talk to NetG directly to see if she can negotiate a better price.


The next faculty meeting is scheduled for July, and this committee should be presenting at that session. 


Topics for next year:

  1. Service standards
  2. Voyager new version
  3. Diversity
  4. Student training
  5. Supervisory training
  6. time management/delegation
  7. Janice—How to manage your boss
  8. Cindy—FAQ and DiSC
  9. Fish Reunion by Sue Searing on June 20 th, Lisa will get a room
  10. Library 2.0, Technology for Social Networking, a fast paced, Did you know? Of technology applications, with Lisa, David, Chris, and Jon (How to use the technology would come later)
  11. How to make a tutorial? With Dawn, Lori Mestre, Stephanie Atkins
  12. GA professional development sessions on Collection development and funding had to be cancelled, and were not well attended. There seems to be some confusion regarding whether or not the time counts as work time or not. Right now this is a unit by unit decision. It was suggested that Beth talk to Paula about having all the GA training paid for by the library.
  13. A session by systems on how to update web pages in August or September, including how are web pages are designed, and cascading style sheets
  14. The topic of conflict management was thought to be an important one, but perhaps another speaker should be approached.


There was further discussion of the participation in and culture for training. We need to recognize training attendance, send messages to libnews-l recognizing attendance, provide certificates for training for individual sessions, and for programs or series of workshops. Drawings for $50 for student funds or for equipment for % of attendance and/or every attendance (one of each). Food was suggested as an incentive….but funding is a difficulty. An honor roll for internal trainers should also be established….thank yous are important.


Cindy will resend the Staff orientation checklist and we will discuss at the next meeting.


The Service Standards from the Social Sciences Division were discussed. Beth suggested that we need to write up the standards in behavioral terms (some of it is already written that way) so that assessment can be done. For example, what behaviors would represent “consciousness” of roles as a representative for the library and the unit?


The next meeting will be Tuesday, June 6.

Beth will be out of town on Tuesday, June 20 th, and Tuesday, July 18 th, so we will meet Tuesday July 11 th at the regular time instead.