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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

September 9, 2004
1:30-3:00 pm
428 Library

Present:  Beth Woodard, Susie Duncan, Joe Zumalt, Lisa Hinchliffe, Zoe Revell, John Weible

Absent:  Tom Teper, Diana Walter, Cindy Kelly, Lisa Hinchliffe, Sue Searing, Michael Norman,

1. The committee reviewed training completed this year, and progress on the training schedule for this year.  Conflict Management sessions are still pending, but we’re looking at December, May, and July.

2. Topics for the once a month training sessions for the GA’s were discussed.  Some ideas were reporting bad records in the online catalog, services in the phone center, and dealing with patron behaviors.

3. Choosing participants for T4B training—schedule not out yet—so we’ll wait until it is available to discuss.

4. Spring GA training was confirmed for the week of January 10th, with library-wide sessions starting on Monday afternoon and online catalog sessions on Tuesday.

5. Other methods of doing needs assessment besides the library-wide survey were discussed.  Some ideas included interviewing unit heads via focus groups in divisions, some staff focus groups, and follow up email surveys for GA training.  Joe Zumalt suggested having an open training forum to discuss needs.  Finding an appropriate room would be important.

6. The Lincoln Trails calendar of events was reviewed.  Only blogging, diversity, and Paul Healey’s session seemed to be of interest to our audiences.

7. Other training needs were discussed:

a. Reference interview for support staff
b. Supervisory training
c. Time management
d. Supervising students
e. Administration—possibly Paul Healey?
f. Discussion topics, like the Abilene Paradox (video and workbook on organizational dysfunction: the management of agreement).

8.  The need for coffee and water at training sessions was discussed.
The next meeting will be Thursday, September 23 at 1:30 in room 428 Library.  Beth will explore other options for meeting times.