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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

1-2:30 pm

428 Library 

Present: Diana Walter, Beth Woodard, Tom Teper, Zoe Revell, Susie Duncan, Cindy Kelly, Sue Searing, John Weible 

Absent: Lisa Hinchliffe, Michael Norman, Joe Zumalt


1. The group reviewed minutes of the last meeting on May 13 th. There were no corrections.  

2. The Supervisory sessions were reviewed. There was good attendance and favorable responses for both sessions. Comments for improvement of the Supervisory Know Thyself session centered on having some sort of analysis or reflection about what this means, with practical suggestions. The session was good, but has the potential to be even better.  

3. Development topics. There was a good turnout for the Google Scholar discussion. Beth put up Greg’s PowerPoint, using the Web Accessible software. There was some discussion of whether training was needed for the software, and we don’t have a feel for wide-spread need at this point. The next development topic will be on Open Access publishing. Beth will ask Paula Kaufman and Katie Clark to name some dates in late September, early October that might work for them  

4. The Experts List was discussed. Beth will go ahead and send out the announcement, without a closing date on it. Once we have responses we can see whether we need to ask Systems to create a system to update the responses.  

5. Orientation Update. Cindy incorporated comments from Nancy O’Brien and has three other people testing it. She will send them emails asking for their comments. She sent the draft staff sheet to PSO, but they will not have time to review. She hopes to have a completed GA and Student form for the next meeting, and will do a more complete update then. A suggestion was made to include basic circulation info, particular on how to manage your own Voyager Account, and Sue said she will work on a one page sheet for the LIS Library.  

6. GA Orientation, August 16, 1-5 pm.  Voyager training starting on August 17th, etc.  

7. Student Training group met last week. Beth reviewed some of the issues regarding quizzing and the problems with current software. John will join the group next week and we’ll keep this group apprised of discussions.  

8. Other ideas? Sue suggested that another session on How to Get Published should be held. The last one had Lisa H as a journal editor discussing the process, and Sue talked about where to submit. Another topic could be what to do when your publication is rejected. Beth will talk to Bob Burger about this. Tom suggested that Beth Sandore hold another session about writing grants. Sue said that at the PPP session, someone mentioned that Terry Jobin does a session on where to draw the line as a supervisor. The idea would be to talk about how to be compassionate, yet still maintain standards. Tom also suggested that we develop a regular schedule so that people would know what and when to expect sessions to be held. For the GA Continuing Education, topics suggested included: collection development, managing library facilities, library relationships (like working with boards or outside groups), LIS BI (orientation to the literature of LIS) (Sue—early October?), Tom would be willing to repeat the Conservation and Preservation session. A customer service schedule would also be important to establish. Sue and Beth will consider reprising the Angry Patron workshop.  

Beth Woodard