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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

October 5, 2004
1-2:30 pm
Slavic Conference Room

Present:  Lisa Hinchliffe, Joe Zumalt, Zoe Revell, Sue Searing, Beth Woodard, Tom Teper, Diana Walter, Susie Duncan, Michael Norman, Cindy Kelly

The group discussed the importance of people receiving email notices of events for which they have registered, and that this should be a priority for any new software we purchase.

Joe Zumalt reported on his trip to Purdue.  He met with Scott Brandt, who is acting staff development coordinator there.  He had 4 full-time people, who basically support the website and create handouts and instructional material.  The website has a significant amount of handouts listed, but not all of the materials are created there.  They have 63 librarians, 141 staff, and 260 students, compared to UIUC with 109 librarians, 214 staff and 531 students.  They do not have a dedicated training room, or a facility as nice as 509 ACES.  They have a $20,000 budget for training activities.  Each person has to fill out a training plan for each year.  It was noted that there sessions are open and do have some public attending them.

For our purposes, the Purdue approach highlights our need for better statistics on the web, some sort of standing budget, website development, tools, and support, as well as commitment or dedicated time from other individuals in the library.

Cindy described the history of training at this university, pointing out that the university does not have a culture of being a learning organization, but that training has always been a low priority on campus.

Tom suggested that we might look to GSLIS to partner with some of our training needs, such as the web design class.  Some of the items we need are:  a training course catalog, a timetable, some courses committed to a cycle of offerings, documentation such as manuals and handouts, Frequently Asked Questions on supervising, Voyager, Technical aspects, and a consistent Web-based tool to keep track of things long term.  John suggested that perhaps System could develop something other than Evanced.  We need better reporting, such as having people report the training that they’ve been to in the unit annual reports, and including training needs as well.  It was pointed out that we can recommend this, but we shouldn’t tie our success to it.

The groups spend quite a bit of time discussing the announcement of the supervisory training/formation of the group, and agreed on a combination of the two wording suggestions, highlighting the formation of the group, but bringing the attendance at the training session up closer to the top.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 19 from 1 to 2:30 in 428 Library.

Beth Woodard