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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

January 4, 2005
1-2:30 pm
428 Library

Present: Beth Woodard, Michael Norman, Tom Teper, Cindy Kelly, Diana Walter, Zoe Revell, Susie Duncan

Absent, John Weible, Sue Searing, Lisa Hinchliffe, Joe Zumalt, Susie Duncan

Guests:  Sharon McFarland, Kate Swan, Susan Hill, Paul Healey, Daleann Stark

Daleann, Paul and Sharon shared their experiences with the T4B training.  About 2/3rds of the training was concentrated on the DISC inventory, which emphasized how to enhance communication with individuals with certain characteristics.  Sharon found it rather enlightening, but Paul and Daleann, who’d both taken similar inventories before, found it less illuminating.  The sessions also covered goal setting and providing feedback, but in less detail.  Sharon thought the session on common supervisor mistakes was good, but didn’t spend enough time on it.  Things that they thought they’d get but didn’t, included rules and regulations dealing with students and civil service staff.

The consensus seemed to be that they all thought we could come up with our own training.  Though they all got something out of it, they thought most of the people in the library would be better served with something more streamlined taught by our own people.

Cindy Kelly pointed out that the disciplinary process for LTAs and LTSs will be changing because of the new contract with 698.  Those sessions have been scheduled already.  The new procedures require more meetings with the employee.

Susan noted that she would rather see the emphasis in these sessions be on having supervisors deal with people in a reasonable and effective way and helping them be productive than on rules and regulations.

Cindy has the course material available from last years 8 sessions, and suggests that we review them.

There was some discussion of the lack of supervisory evaluation for faculty, and that we will need to sell it to faculty on the basis of helping make their unit run better, or “new ways to solve problems.”  Another idea was to call a session:  “How to train your supervisor.”& amp; amp; #160; Paul noted that Janis has an article entitled, “how to manage your boss.”

Some of the needs identified include:
Basic concepts of supervision
Faculty relations—taking directions from other faculty, other departments, human interaction, institutional interaction
Civil service rules and regs
Students, especially international considerations
Cultural differences
Civility class for faculty
Diversity issues
Questions about working with students

1 idea—3-4 hours for civil service supervision with 3 hour session on supervising students.  Need to develop a Quick Sheet with FAQs with LSSC information

Cindy suggested that we have three sessions.  One each in March, April, May.

During the discussion, it was obvious that there were some differences in opinion in how these should be scheduled and what the sessions should be.  The one on dealing more effectively with people will be the most difficult to plan, so that one should not be the first session.

Cindy offered another suggestion that the first session be a general one on FAQs of Supervision.  We can solicit questions in February.  This session would be general, not indepth, and would group the questions by category, and could have some from each category of personnel.  We can then ask what they want more of.

The working group will try to meet the last week of January, with the goal of having the three sessions content outlined by mid-February, and identifying people to work on each session.

The next regular meeting of the Staff Development and Training Committee will be January 18th from 1 to 2:30 pm in room 428.  We will go back and look at the orientation checklist again.

Beth Woodard