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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

Tuesday, May 3, 2005
1-2:30 pm
Slavic Library Conference Room

Present: Beth Woodard, Tom Teper, Michael Norman, Joe Zumalt, Zoe Revell, Susie Duncan, Cindy Kelly, Diana Walter

Absent: Sue Searing, John Weible, Lisa Hinchliffe


1.  Updates on upcoming events  

Supervisor, know thyself, May 17 (Cindy Kelly) Conflict resolution, Marshal Huffman, May 12 and 18 (I'm gone on May 12th, Michael Norman has agreed to serve as “host” for that date.) FAQ for supervisors, May 25, 9 to 10:30 am in 126 GSLIS (Cindy Kelly) Google scholar, June 1, 10 to 12 in 126 GSLIS (Greg Youngen) Common Supervising problems, July 6, 10-12 in Grainger Commons (Paul Healey) GA Orientation, August 16, 1-5 pm.  Voyager training starting on August 17th, etc.   We spent some time discussing how much programming should be done in the summer months. Cindy noted that she has another supervisor session to do for PPP, and there are some optional trainings that she can do for this in late July.    

2.  Voyager Training Survey

The results of our voyager training survey are in.  Do you want to see a summary?  The Voyager Training committee has not discussed yet, but the one thing that might concern this group is a few comments that it would have helped some of the individuals if they had spent some time in their individual units and had a better idea of what there responsibilities would be before they received training. Cindy Kelly noted that a brief description of job responsibilities will go along with the GA job offers this year.  

3.  Productivity machines

I received emails from both Mary Laskowski and Karen Hogenboom about the Productivity software training needs.  I sent this as a separate email.  Do we want to do anything further than incorporate their training files? It was agreed that we should think about incorporating a small part of the GA orientation on this.  

4.  Further discussion on how to proceed with Student Training

Beth contacted Stephanie Atkins about the quizzing function.  She has not proceeded with Compass quizzing, and is very willing to consider other options. Cindy suggested that HR could input the students names into Compass. There was some discussion of how HR would know which modules to assign to the students, then there was further discussion if it could just be basic enough for all students. A possibility was suggested that you could perhaps have one set for students in technical services, and another for those in public services.   Cindy suggested that we have a subcommittee for student training, indicating that since Undergrad, Grainger and Circ have the largest numbers of students, they should have a person represented. Beth will invite the following people to serve on a subcommittee:  

Stephanie Atkins: Circulation
David Ward: Undergrad
Sharon McFarland: Grainger
Michael Norman: Technical Services
Tom Teper: Preservation
Cindy Kelly: HR
Beth Woodard: STAD  

Beth will also put out a call on LibNews-L for student training material.   Other topics to be added: Timesheets, paychecks or direct deposit Networking to a different system Burning a cd Phone tree  

5. John reminded us that we had a discussion earlier about a local "experts" list.  The URL for the mock up is How should we go about adding to this list? CatMe should be replaced with Connextion; need to take Kerry Wu’s name off the list. RefWorks should be added. Voyager needs to be split into its component parts.   Beth will draft a survey with WebTools for the Committee to review.    

NO meeting on Tuesday, May 17 th!  


Beth Woodard