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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

November 2, 2004
1-2:30 pm
428 Library

Present:  Lisa Hinchliffe, Joe Zumalt, Zoe Revell, Sue Searing, Beth Woodard, Diana Walter,  Tom Teper, Cindy Kelly, Susie Duncan

Absent:  Michael Norman

Supervisory Training and Training Team

The committee discussed the composition of the training team and decided that the team should be kept small.  It was also decided that a variety of job classifications should be represented in training as well as on the team.  Our original decision to send two people to supervisory training and one to coaching in the spring was reconsidered, and we determined that it was in our best interests to send three people to supervisory training and ask the budget committee for funding for coaching later on.  The individuals selected for training were:  Paul Healey, faculty, Daleann Stark, AP, Sharon McFarland, classified staff.  Kate Swan will be asked to join the team, and Cindy Kelly and Beth Woodard will also serve on the team.

A point was made that the announcement did not include a statement that supervisor’s permission was needed, so Beth will call the supervisors to make sure that this is okay with them.  Lisa noted that in future announcements we need to make sure that the individuals clear this use of time with their supervisors.  We will let the team know that we would like to have supervisory training offered in April of 2005.

Processing New Hires

Cindy Kelly went through the hiring process, starting with faculty appointments first.

Offers are made as the result of a search.  The offer is in the form of a phone call from Bob, then Paula sends an official offer by mail.  When the acceptance is given, either by mail or email, then the search is completed.  Library HR will get copies of official acceptance letters.  These offers and acceptances are considered the official contract by the University.

With individuals merely moving from one appointment status to another, Academic Human Resources uses a “Transaction Checklist” to change titles, salary, and location.

The Search Paperwork Packet includes:
Position announcement
Pre-audit form
Search narrative
Summary form with signatures of Paula, Bob, and Mary Mallory as the EEO representative

Employees new to the University.  Library HR will need to have their Social Security Number to enter them into Nessie New Hire.  Nessie New Hire will generate a temporary login ID and password , and will email the individual and Library HR.  The employee has to enter New Nessie to complete forms:

EIF Employee Information Form
 Although it appears that you have to enter your whole CV into this form, that is not necessarily true.  As long as your last job and last degree are entered in education and work experience, that will suffice as the University does not consider this to be your permanent record.  A print copy of the CV goes with appointment papers and is scanned in for that purpose.

 Library HR gets an email when this form is completed, then  must go into Banner to create the position in the system, then tie it to the budget.  This is a twelve step process and is quite cumbersome.  This must be done before the “appointment papers” can be sent down the street to campus HR.  Along with the search papers mentioned above, the appointment papers also include the CV and the I-9.  The I-9 is the most problematic because that can ONLY be completed in person, and CANNOT be completed before an offer is made.  The I-9 has to be completed before the third day of employment, but can be done before an individual actually starts if they are in town.  The papers cannot go forward if there is no I-9.  Appointment papers include the offer letter, the acceptance letter, and the search packet mentioned above.

In order for the individual to get paid on the 16th, the cut off for someone to be paid on time is to have all the paperwork completed by AHR by the 4th of the month.  AHR will send an email to Library HR when paperwork is completed.  There was a three month backlog for this August, but during regular times, it takes an average of 5-10 working days to complete, so there is about a 50-50 chance of someone getting paid on time if they don’t complete paperwork prior to arriving for their first day on the job.  If this deadline for completing paperwork isn’t met, then pay adjustments are given each Friday for paperwork that is completed by Tuesday noon of that week.  This requires an intervention by Cindy Kelly or Susan Edwards.  There is a process for emergency loans without interest that will give you 65% of what is owed.

The unit that ties the job in Banner to the personal information in New Nessie varies by classification:  AHR for faculty and AP, Student Employment for students, and Civil Service for civil service employees.

Obviously, problems with international students involve the Visa.  International Student Affairs used to handle this, and now departments have to.

The position can be created at any point..

It takes about 1-2 hours to complete New Nessie.  As of January 1, you will need to have direct deposit or a pay card for payment. No new paper checks will be issued.

Must go there in person.
Must have proof of offer; can take offer letter before start date, but won’t get on a parking lot waiting list until your official start date.  Need to take car registration information, can purchase a tag for the Assembly Hall and/or purchase meter tags, and sign up for payroll deductions.

Staff ID
Must have a UIN generated from EIF and select logon ID in New Nessie.  Net ID can also be obtained at CITES??? With proof of appointment

Your netID can get rejected.  It should immediately tell you if someone else is using the ID you’ve chosen.
They WILL issue an ID before employment.

A physical packet is issued for faculty when they come for an interview.

The letter of offer says that they should call Cindy Kelly to start this process.  Should this be the Library HR email instead?

AP—pretty much the same process.

Civil Service—Unit head offers position.  No letter of acceptance.  Supervisor should tell employee to go to Library HR.

Is there a job entered in Banner?  Does Library HR do this?

Personnel Services Office will do their new employee orientation, verify their I-9, etc.  Personnel Services does the entering in the Nessie New Hires.

New Employee Benefits Orientations are held on Mondays and Thursdays, so they normally do New Nessie at PSO, and attend Orientation on their first day, then go to their units.
SURS sessions are offered only once a month, and are not mandatory.  Have 90 days from employment to choose retirement.  If don’t choose, the default is Traditional.  If don’t choose health benefits, the default is Quality Care.  It’s easier to change health than to change retirement options.

Cindy will get a sample packet given to interviewees.

Discussion was started regarding the welcome packet, including a letter of welcome from Paula, perhaps a coffee mug, or Expresso Royale coupons, etc.

Beth Woodard