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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

1-2:00 pm

428 Library


Present: Beth Woodard, Tom Teper, Zoe Revell, Susie Duncan, Cindy Kelly, Sue Searing, John Weible, Joe Zumalt, Lisa Hinchliffe


Absent: Michael Norman, Diana Walter

he group reviewed minutes of the last meeting on June 7th. There were no corrections.  

The next Supervisory sessions will be on July 6 th. 18 people are registered and Paul Healey will compose an announcement that gives more details.  

Development topics. Paula Kaufman and Katie Clark will hold the Open Access publishing session on September 9 from 10 to 11:30 in Grainger Commons  

GA Training. Lynn Rudasill will be gone during the training so Beth is looking for someone to do Cambridge Scientific orientation. Kathleen Kluegel was suggested, with Sue Searing offering to be back up if Kathleen cannot do it.  

Budget request has not been reviewed yet. Wanda Plawer has an opportunity to become an academic professional on campus. Once she does that we will need to find someone else to do the Microsoft training sessions since the campus will not allow us to pay her over 100% time.  

Student Training group met last week. We’ll meet again on July 19 with Robert Baird to discuss the possibility of using WebCT for quizzing.  

Orientation Update. Cindy distributed drafts of the overall orientation checklist, the faculty, the civil service, and the graduate assistant lists. In the general one, the discussion focused on the changes to the Systems portion.

The Supervisor’s checklist should probably make reference to the System’s list of standard terminal hardware and software and optional software available. There were some concerns that Systems will sign you up for things, like the H drive and the domain account, but individuals have to know to go back to get the logon information. There is also no training affiliated with the using the calendar software. There were some suggestions made for reorganization of this section. Other changes suggested included making the last item with the Human Resources Office, regarding IDs and Parking on two separate lines. Sexual Harassment Policy needs to be added under Professionalism, and FAX under Communication.  

Civil Service checklist. Where to find vacation and sick leave balances in Nessie needs to be added. Under job expectations, add phrase “reporting to you” after Annual Evaluation of Staff, remove “Bargaining Unit Information,” and add “Student Workers.” Under Research, Scholarship & Service, delete present two items, and add: Faculty responsibilities: Librarianship, scholarship, and Service. Change Performance review and Evaluations to Annual Performance review….Add a link to the evaluation form. Under resolving problems, add differential policies for 2700, 698, and Open Range.  

Graduate Assistant checklist: Under Job Expectations, add phrase “for support staff” after Bargaining Unit Information.  

The July 5 th meeting is cancelled. The next meeting will be July 21 st.  

Beth Woodard