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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

December 21, 2004
1-2:30 pm
428 Library

Present:  Lisa Hinchliffe, Joe Zumalt, Beth Woodard, Michael Norman, Tom Teper, Cindy Kelly

Absent:  Diana Walter, John Weible, Zoe Revell, Sue Searing, Susie Duncan

The Committee discussed the further revisions that Cindy Kelly had made to the orientation checklist.

Under the generic checklist, under the Systems section, it was suggested that the checklist note that Systems will set up accounts, but will not necessarily do training.  The supervisor may have to do that.

Under compensation, paycheck distribution, direct deposit needs to be added.  And the number of floating holidays, and when they must be used should be noted.
Links to campus policies and rules should be here for other types of leaves, such as holiday parties, voting, etc.

An orientation to calendars on the website should include:  academic, fiscal, annual, training, library meetings, acquisitions, exhibits and events.

Safety and security needs to add “key policy” to the section on keys.  Tornado procedures, civil defense sirens, and weather radio need to be added to emergency procedures, and ergonomic issues to the general safety section.

Under Professionalism, need to add the gift policy.

Under equipment, telephone stuff should be moved to Communications.
Need to add how to request meeting rooms, and the use of equipment off campus.

Under job expectations, add general budget and accounting, collection accounts, and operating accounts.

Communication, needs the phone information added, some suggestions under website, like calendars, directories, etc. Remove PHPBB and Library Forums and replace with phpBB Online Library Forums.  Need an organization chart.

Under job expectations, add preservation and conservation of materials, specify key unit contacts as internal and external.

Under benefits, add Faculty Staff Assistance Program

For Faculty/AP list, add under compensation, (Academic Year) under contract and salary increases.

Safety and Security, add unit evacuation plan.

Under professionalism, add links for consulting, requesting a meeting room and instructional space, user education equipment, laptop policies and off-campus use of equipment.  Also add research ethics.

Under equipment, add ordering letterhead

Remove communications as covered in Generic list

Under job expectations, change to say Meet with Associate University Librarian for Services, or make appointment with.
Add unit head training, reporting responsibilities, instruction responsibilities, collection development responsibilities and training, acquisitions calendar.
Systems—working at home

Under Performance review, move Principles on Academic Freedom and Statement on Professional Ethics, Division Meetings, and Collection Development responsibilities to Job expectations.  Move P and T Advisory Committee and Peer Review Committee, Research Time, and Sabbatical Requests to a new section on Research, Scholarship and Service, also add Research and Publication Committee, new campus statement on research, IRB and Animal Welfare, links to Scholars Travel, Campus Research Board, Library Travel Funds, PITA funds, Faculty Senate, AAUP and associations.

For AP, add Travel funds, and Union information.

For Supervisor/Unit Head information.

Under By Library HR, add New in front of Nessie, add ID and Parking

Also add Prepare work-related documents, reports, etc., such as provide with recent statements for accounts, minutes for committees, personnel information for individuals reporting to them, annual reports for units.

The next meeting of the Staff Development and Training Committee will be Tuesday, January 4 from 1-2:30 pm in room 428 Library.  The supervisory working group will be meeting with us.

Beth Woodard