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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

February 1, 2005
1-2:30 pm
428 Library

Present: Beth Woodard, Tom Teper, Diana Walter, John Weible, Lisa Hinchliffe Susie Duncan, Michael Norman, Sue Searing

Absent: Zoe Revell, Joe Zumalt

Regarding the Orientation Checklist, John Weible noted that he is still revising the systems portion and will get changes to both Cindy and Beth before the next meeting.

Supervisory workshops updates

Beth discussed the upcoming survey and asked for input.  There were some concerns that the survey won’t give any more information than we already have from our previous survey and wanted to make sure that the subcommittee had all of that data.  Beth will send that out, and will sent the URL to the committee for comments.  There was a suggestion that the staff classification needs to be requested:  Civil Service, Academic Professional, Faculty, Graduate Assistant

There is concern that we need good feedback from the get-go.  There were some questions about whether the intent of the survey is to get more buy-in, and whether the feedback needs to come from supervisors or those being supervised.  Perhaps two sections are needed:  If you supervise others, which topics do you think that you need….Which areas do you think your supervisor needs….It was particularly noted that we should not have them rank items, since it artificially gives something low relevance.

There was quite a bit of interest expressed in a workshop on How to deal effectively with your supervisor.  How do you “receive” feedback?  How do you ask for what you want?

Another area of importance was dealing with difficult people.  Tom noted that his former institution did quite a bit of role playing for students, and used a segment from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure to point out lack of cultural sensitivity.  Sue noted that she and Beth had done a workshop on Dealing with Angry Patrons some time ago.

If the supervisory subgroup believes strongly in this survey, the committee would like to make sure that the survey is done quickly and a workshop is planned promptly.

Beth let the group know that the budget committee approved fees for Jenny Levine, and the group recommended later in February rather than next week.

A suggestion was made that we need to be better about letting people know of alternative training strategies, like NetG and Safari, so that training doesn’t equate with “a workshop.”  Individual study needs to be better utilized.  In supervisory training, the training options available need to be pointed out.  People also need time to read, and someone to ask questions of.  We need to point out that “telling is not training,” so perhaps a “tips for good training,” page needs to be developed.

Another suggestion for training was on the new Web Toolbox.  The Inside Illinois article noted that they will do training at the request of a unit.

Training for strategic planning was discussed.  Paula had forwarded the T4B announcement of the series to Beth, Beth had replied with a suggestion that this needs to be incorporated into the next strategic planning cycle.  Paula had suggested next fall as a possibility.  The committee asked Beth to clarify that with Paula, as the group felt that implementation training (moving from a plan to action) this fall would be more appropriate with training on the process in fall 2007.  The committee felt that there also needed to be clarification on who would need to participate in this training.

The group discussed the Coaching training available from T4B, and decided that would be a better focus for next year, and will ask for funding for the next budget cycle.

After some discussion about Diversity training, the group asked Beth to email Paula, Bob, and Dana for a report from the Diversity committee on its progress.

Beth will forward the Voyager Training survey to the group and ask for comments.  This will go to libnews-l since there is no list just for Graduate Assistants.

There was also some discussion of how we are doing with the staff development part of our charge.  There was a suggestion that we need to be more proactive in getting discussions of leading edge topics, and should have a regular time for these kinds of things, helping to develop our strategic knowledge as a group. Topics include the institutional repository, metadata, google project (Tom Teper), Google Scholar (Jo Kibbee), Future of Serials (Michael Norman), PEW Study, other CLIR documents.  John noted that we can put these topics on the web board so that people can continue the discussions.

The next regular meeting of the Staff Development and Training Committee will be February 15 from 1 to 2:30 pm in room 428.

Beth Woodard