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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

January 18, 2005
1-2:30 pm
428 Library

Present: Beth Woodard, Tom Teper, Cindy Kelly, Diana Walter, Zoe Revell, John Weible, Joe Zumalt, Lisa Hinchliffe

Absent: Sue Searing, Susie Duncan, Michael Norman

The major emphasis of the meeting was to review changes made to the Orientation Checklist from the discussion at the last meeting.

Add Checklist to all headers


--remove laptop as separate category, include with equipment in general

Job Expectations
--change Unit head training to unit head responsibilities
--delete advisory peer review committee
--add administrative travel
--add instruction responsibilities (meet with coordinator for Information Literacy and Instruction)
--graduate assistants roles and responsibilities
--teaching courses on campus
--annual report and statistics
--evaluation of staff

--change campus statement to Responsible Conduct of Research/IRB handbook
--move PITA (provost’s initiative on teaching advancement) to section below Provost funding
--change Provost funding to Office of the Provost
--Change Library Travel funds to have subcategories for Library, Board, Presentation, Scholar’s Travel

Add section on Grants, with subcategories under Library Policy and Procedures, Campus Policies and Procedures, and Grants Management

Performance Review and Evaluations
--add Peer Review Committee
--add Advisory to Promotion and Tenure
--change Provost’s Communications to list topics

General Orientation
--make sure policies links to Campus Policy and Rules

Under professionalism, add Services Advisory Statement

Move Library Committees
Add Unions information
Combine Training and Library Master Calendar

Supervisor/Unit Head

--add /unit head where appropriate
--instead of send “reminder”, change to welcome/introduction

Portion for “Learn to know your colleagues and the Library” was deleted…that information needs to go here to remind the unit head to arrange for tours and introductions

--add updated job description
--add personnel information of those reporting to the individual

--with welcome packet, include hang tag for parking

Civil Service

Union/fair share
Probationary period
PSO and Library HR
Job description
3700 point toUnion Contract and Univ policies and procedures
sick leave cumulation is different
Civil Service Rules and Regulations
Course taking/tuition (forms)
Biennial Conference on Women
ILA Rearching Forward South
ALA scholarship

The next regular meeting of the Staff Development and Training Committee will be February 1 from 1 to 2:30 pm in room 428.

Beth Woodard