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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

November 16, 2004
1-2:30 pm
428 Library

Present:  Lisa Hinchliffe, Joe Zumalt, Zoe Revell, Sue Searing, Beth Woodard, Susie Duncan, Michael Norman

Absent:  Diana Walter,  Tom Teper, Cindy Kelly,  John Weible

Supervisory Training and Training Team

A suggestion was made that Susan Hill be added to the team, and the group agreed.  Beth Woodard will contact her.

Windows training for IRIS

The Windows request from IRIS was discussed.  Beth will contact CITES to see if there is anyone on campus who can do a session comparing Macs and Windows-based programs since that is really what IRIS needs rather than a general Windows session by Wanda Plawer.

Screening Committee

The committee screening meeting with Helen Zhou was discussed.  Several questions were suggested, including:
What experience does she have with training situations?
What are her strengths or biggest contributions?
Describe training experiences and tell us what you did to prepare for them.
That challenges do you see coming to this institution?
Do you have any experience in creating training materials/
Please describe your ideal position.

Budget Priorities

The committee discussed the budget priorities that the divisions have been asked to consider.  Although the committee has not been asked to comment, the group felt that it was a good idea to point out to the budget committee that the current coordinator is on a temporary, half-time appointment that ends at the end of this current year.  In order to consider if the position should be discontinued, continued, etc, someone should look at how this experiment should be evaluated.

The committee discussed at length what it’s recommendation should be, and agreed that the group should recommend that the coordinator position be continued, that the group consider funding to offer workshops, either through the current outsourcing method or by hiring a half-time person to do workshops.  Another consideration would be another individual who could do the training version of CAMELS and offer house calls for people who have specific questions.  There was no agreement as to whether this person should actually be part of the Systems Office or not.

Beth Woodard