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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

March 15, 2005
1-2:00 pm
428 Library

Present: Diana Walter, Joe Zumalt, Tom Teper, Michael Norman, John Weible, Cindy Kelly, Lisa Hinchliffe, Beth Woodard, Sue Searing

Absent: Susie Duncan, Zoe Revell

The next meeting is Tuesday, April 5, 2005 from 1 to 2:30 pm

1. Beth Updated the group on the Supervisory group’s progress
• Common Problems in Supervising and Possible Solutions, 2 hours, Ask Paul Healey to take the lead?
• FAXs of Supervising—Policies and Rules, 1 ½ hours, Cindy Kelly.  Need to ask Zoe Revell to send the LSSC questions to Cindy.
• Communication Skills for Supervisors, 3 ½ hours, Cindy Kelly and Beth Woodard.  Cindy will find out information on using the DiSC, estimate 60 people at $6.50 each so that Beth can email the budget group.
• Managing Your Supervisor—1 hour?, Ask Janis Johnston? To prepare for the fall
• Recommend that Coaching and Mentoring be added next year
• Cindy sent out a copy of an evaluation form she last used for Mortenson presentation and the group agreed to use it for these workshops
2. Orientation Checklist:  In addition to the information Cindy sent last week, she will meet with Janis Johnston regarding orientation for James Kelly.
--send to AC as an information item
--have Alexis create a web site with links
--create a mechanism to send reminders to supervisor and employee at one and two months after employment.  There is a database for Civil Service to manage evaluations, but Alexis can add this functionality
--Present the process at a faculty meeting
--present the process to LSSC and to union representatives
Paula liked the idea of the trial, but doesn’t think we need to wait too long for full implementation.
--Civil Service part is almost finished
--AP part is about half-way finished
--graduate hourly has not been started yet.
--There was a suggestion that we call the “position” ones supplements
Cindy will give copies to the employee when they come to see her.  When new employees processed, a generic email will be sent telling supervisors how to get to the checklist.  For faculty, this could go with the offer letter information.
It is expected that Bob would do this for people reporting directly to Paula.
Library Systems needs to provide some information on where to look for more detailed information.  John Weible will work with Cindy on this.

5. Development
Discussed the development topics that Greg suggested and Katie and Karen’s responses.  Beth will get back to Karen that we see this discussion as a more big-picture view than the forum she is already scheduling.  Paula had offered to help with the open access discussion if Katie isn’t comfortable yet.  Several people suggested that it would be good to schedule this when both Paula and Katie could be in attendance.
Other topics suggested included looking at university presses, small presses, and society publications changes and how they are impacting libraries.