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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

February 9, 2004

Present:  Sue Searing, Beth Woodard, Diana Walter, Joe Zumalt, Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Kelly

Joe Zumalt--Need better approaches to this.  Need people on staff who are the experts.  Needs to be part of their jobs.

Put in request for rest of ’94  Access—basic
Access special topics
Excel special topics

Joe Zumalt agreed to draft a white paper on need for more staff for training
Sue Searing—need to take more advantage of campus opportunities

Sue—synergy with user education for training and teaching skills

2004—training for Microsoft
2005—preliminary plan for outsourced training

how to identify who has expertise

1. Job enrichment for long term employees
2. Library with a capital L

Going out to other units and inside library building is better
--visible support, outside has less support

Software for co-browse options for training
Travel time needs to be included.

Dana—could do cross-cultural communication
Sue and Beth—dealing with difficult patrons
Sue—crafting a curriculum on library web pages with Darlene—PRIORITY
ITO in GSLIS—could conduct campus workshops
Priority—organize databases and specialists
Priority—remote access to file server—closer to ALA with Systems designing a pre-questionnaire

NetG—Pathfinder to
What should I take if….
What does your computer have to have to make this easier
Get systems to upgrade?
Beth---Ask Ryan if 509 ACES can accept NetG files--compliance
Meet on a regular basis to work through NetG tutorials
Word, customer service

Schedule 3 mornings/afternoons over next 3 months

Each of us go in and try to do a NetG session
Each list our challenges
FAQ before they come