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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

September 9, 2003
Library 428

Members Present
Beth Woodard, Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Kelly, Joe Zumalt, Susie Duncan, Diana Walter, Michael Norman, Sue Searing

Members Absent
Helen Sullivan, John Weible

1. Welcome
The committee welcomed Joe Zumalt as a new member and welcomed back Michael Norman and Diana Walter as reappointed members.

2. Review minutes of last meeting
The committee reviewed and approved the July meeting minutes.

3. Update on E*vents software
The link to the staff training homepage and E*vents software can be found at  Policies for the staff and public calendars should match.  Lisa and Beth will also train Donna Hoffman so that she can register attendees in the case of Lisa or Beth’s absence.  Beth reported that the software has been working well and its users are very happy with its outcomes.

4. GA Training
Beth found that there was an average of 25-30 graduate assistants attending most sessions.  The trainers agreed that Levis was too small for large training sessions.  The committee will keep track of other rooms that may be more appropriate for training.

Beth explained the need to receive feedback from GA training participants.  Sue proposed that half-way through the semester we ask the participants what they would have liked to learn as well as what they felt was most beneficial to their position.

The committee expressed the need for more chat reference training.  The committee also suggested that a re-assessment meeting be held during the early portion of the Spring Semester for those who received GA training during the previous Fall semester.

5. Training Needs
The Committee discussed the revised survey and made additional revisions.  Beth will make note of the suggestions and the appropriate revisions will be made.  After the corrections are made, the committee will make the survey available online and give the users three weeks to complete the survey.

The Committee discussed the need for more software training sessions (i.e. Excel, Word, Endnote, etc.).  The group also expressed the need for an informative discussion about the switch from Pine email usage to other email clients.  Beth asked that the committee email her suggestions of additional training needs.

6. Facilities concerns
The Committee discussed the equipment needs that would be necessary in order to conduct conference call-based training in ACES 509.  The group will continue to investigate equipment options for this type of training.

7. New Employee Orientation
The Lincoln Trail Library System has begun to offer a continuous education learning subscription.  The committee decided to subscribe to this service and will make the events known to the library community prior to registration opportunities.

There will be no meeting on September 22.  The next meeting will be October 13 from 3:15 to 4:30 in room 428 Library.

Respectfully submitted,
Ely Anderson
User Education GA