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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

March 8, 2004

Present:  John Weible, Joe Zumalt, Diana Walter, Sue Searing, Beth Woodard, Michael Norman

1. Slavic conference room equipment
Beth reported that she and Lisa Hinchliffe have investigated upgrading equipment in the Slavic Conference room and the possibilities for cleaning up the room so it can be used for training and/or instruction.  It was suggested that we could also investigate the use of Grainger 116 and 206 Funk.

2. GA orientation for fall
Beth discussed the general schedule for fall orientation and showed the committee the GA training manual on the web at
Committee members agreed to take a look at the manual for items that could be included in general staff orientation.

Some possible topics to add include:
Web of Science
ILCSO Borrowing vs. ILL, the big picture
Oak Street
Library Policies
A section for services needs to be added, with the RUSA guidelines.
Links to the Systems Office needs to be added.
Reference extending the reference interview and chat reference training to other departments.
Journey of the book, perhaps sponsored by the ALA Student Chapter.
Web administrators training could be 2-3 weeks later.
Tech Services training needs include electronic resources, authority control, Dewey, as well as searching the catalog.

3. Microsoft training scheduling
The Microsoft training schedule with Wanda Plawer was reviewed.

4. NetG
      Possibilities for helping individuals use NetG was discussed.  It was decided that Beth will identify several slots and advertise that 509 ACES will be available at those times for individuals wanting to pursue further training options.

5. Joe Zumalt suggested that the committee write a White Paper identifying where we want training to go in the future and indicating the resources that would be needed to get us there.  Joe and Beth will discuss further.

6. It was decided to cancel the next meeting so that people can take advantage of the slower spring break time.

7. The next meeting will be April 12.

Beth Woodard, Chair