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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

July 28, 2003
Library 428

Members Present
Beth Woodard, Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Kelly, John Weible, Susie Duncan, Diana Walter

Members Absent
Michael Norman, Sue Searing, Helen Sullivan

1. Minutes of the last meeting
Beth gave an overview of the last meeting minutes to update those who were absent.

2. Update on E*vents and registration
Beth demonstrated how the staff-side portion of E*vents scheduling software is being utilized.  She reported that the software has been a success.

The committee discussed the need to set up a roster policy.  This will be discussed at a future meeting in addition to what types of events should be placed on the E*vents calendar.  Based on the committee’s views, Beth will draft a roster policy for committee review.

In addition, the committee would like to include a link from the staff website page to the staff training and development web page that would allow for easy access to E*vents.  Beth has emailed webmaster with this request.

3. GA Training
GA training information is available on the E*vents calendar.  Additionally, the training manual is now available online at

4. Review survey on the web.

The committee viewed the current draft of the needs assessment survey on the web.  The group expressed their concerns about the survey and discussed how the data will be displayed once it is collected.

A graduate student volunteer created the current web survey form.  The committee discussed the availability of the newly created software in the future.  John will pull a sample report so the committee can view exactly what the volunteer is creating and will also clarify the project’s timeframe.

Beth made all the changes to the form that the committee discussed during past meetings.  The committee decided that the terminology used throughout the form should be consistent.

Beth made note of all the questions and concerns and discussed them with John.  John, the committee members, and the graduate volunteer will meet in the future to discuss possible changes to the survey form.

5. New Employee Orientation – Welcome to the University Library System

The committee viewed a prior orientation packet.  Beth and Cindy will meet to develop an outline for a similar booklet for future employees.

The next committee meeting will be September 8th from 3:15 to 4:30 in room 428 Library.  There will not be a meeting in August.

Respectfully submitted,
Ely Anderson
User Education GA