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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

May 24, 2004

Present:  Joe Zumalt, Sue Searing, Beth Woodard, Diana Walter, Susie Duncan, Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Kelly

1. The coordinator updated the committee on current activities, including the LibraryU tutorial and stipend that would be used to cover GA wages to update the web page, CLIR Post-Doc orientation, the upcoming report to the faculty meeting, and the budget request due June 15.  The committee recommended that the coordinator also give a similar report to LSSC.

2. Meeting dates during the summer were discussed.  Normally, the committee meets twice a month, but the following was decided:
Monday, June 14—Meet, discuss draft faculty report, budget proposal, and draft white paper, due July 7
Monday, June 28—Cancel
Monday, July 12—Meet
Monday, July 26—Meet unless more people notify the coordinator that they are gone.  At present only Sue Searing and Joe Zumalt will not attend.
Monday, August 9—Cancel
Monday, August 23—Cancel

3. Budget request
The budget request was discussed at some length.  Items discussed:

Lincoln Trails Continuous Learning    $475
Beth will call Lincoln Trails to see if they can give us updates on how many people from UIUC attended.  (According to Linda at LTLS, 21 people from UIUC attended, about $23 per person, which is less than the non-subscription price.)
Suggested that we have Lincoln Trails give two workshops here: ($40 an hour + handout photocopying)
Fish! Customer Service Philosophy
Conflict Management
The committee also discussed someone from the group attending anything appropriate next year to recommend whether or not the sessions should be repeated for our staff.
Stress management was also a workshop topic, but Beth will investigate campus resources first.
Customer Service—Cindy Kelly?
Time management and prioritizing—Parkland?
Windows workshops provided by outside consultant Wanda Plawer:
 Windows introduction
 Powerpoint—fancy stuff and good design
 Word—Not this year because of low attendance last year
 WebCT orientation –Lisa suggests that Ed Tech could possibly do this for free.
 DreamWeaver—find someone on campus to provide a workshop
 Web design—Sue Searing suggests that one of the GSLIS Phd students might be able to do this for a fee.
 Making your email work for you:  Cool tricks with Express, configuring filters, managing folders, managing your address book, why would you want to use Netscape Mail or Eudora
 Emergency Response—ask either Jeff Schrader or someone from the emergency committee to review the flip chart directions
 Tornado Workshop—hire Ed Keiser?
Handling books from a people-perspective: Oak Street Project and Ergonomics—DRES?  Sue Searing will check to see if she has a video that can supplement this.
 GA hours—to sent out email reminders, put together statistics, take minutes of the meetings