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December 15, 2003


Express mail—highest priority in that category
John and Beth work on a 1 page handout
Netscape—as well or better than Eudora, CITES doesn’t officially support it.  Development path questionable for years?

FTP—get back to those 32 people about what kinds of questions they have.  Are they using pine?

Web technology
Is this a topic for a single presentation that John could give.  Beth will look to see if these are the same people.

Remote Access

messy topic
who has it working/
Who’s had problems with it?
How can we get people on an equal playing field?
Workshops are problematic
Prescreening questionnaire?
for laptop use, 3-4 weeks before ALA and/or SLA

Chat reference—refer names to David and Kathleen Kern
Reference use of internet—refer to public workshop

Networked public printing—departmental charge, overall, troubleshooting for patrons

relational database—increasingly common
probably enough for a workshop

Advanced OPAC
--ask them what areas they are interested in.
--need a review session?
--send request to CPAC
Acquisitions and Serials
--highest needs
Voyager Report Writing
--Correlate with those who took training—primarily staff and Aps
Maybe what is needed is a “stuff session”
What is possible?
How do you get it?

Citrix—ask people to identify problems
Banner—check to see who this is
Databases—staff don’t seem to know they can sign up for GA training sessions
Sue—can we get people to “own” databases or vendors
online ref
These three are changing and the TDNet Group will be holding sessions.
Again, a follow-up on what they need
Susan Edwards—how to read ledgers?
Lincoln Trails has sessions on budgeting
Writing Grants—Beth Sandore
GSLIS adjuncts (around LEEP classes)
Policies and Procedures—target those people
Ergonomics—very high concern—new facilities director