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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

July 14, 3:15- 4:30
Library 428
Members Present
Beth Woodard, Sue Searing, Beth Woodard, Lisa Hinchliffe
Members Absent
Helen Sullivan, Michael Norman, John Weible, Diana Walter, Cindy Kelly

1. Update on E*vents
Lisa has the workshops for Curriculum Mapping up and running.  She reports that E*vanced Solutions has been very responsive.

2. Needs Assessment Survey
John Weible reported that a draft of the survey is available at
The individuals present reviewed the draft and gathered comments.  Those involved recommended that those changes be done before the rest of the committee viewed it.  Generally, there were inconsistencies between columns on different pages, and headings were often mislabeled.

3. Voyager training
Lisa German will hold two more Voyager Acquisitions training sessions in July.  There was some discussion of the need to have training for Voyager reporting.  Beth will talk to Peggy Steele.  Lisa Hinchliffe volunteered her graduate assistant to compile evaluations from the XP and Voyager acquisitions training sessions.

4.  Next projects—New Employee Orientation
     The group started discussing orientation materials needed, and suggested that we start with paperwork that you need right away, then focus on technology needs from the campus and the library.  The orientation checklist needs to identify who is responsible, the supervisor, Personnel, or the new employee.  The other area to explore is who is responsible for follow-up.  The need for a current, adequate organizational chart was noted.  Lisa volunteered to bring the list she used at Illinois State.  Beth with draft the first version for the committee to look at.  Differences between reporting for vacation and sick leave between faculty and staff will need to be accommodated.

After the general employee orientation section is done, then the committee can work on a faculty orientation worksheet.  Those present suggested something that could be filled in, such as:
My peer review committee is: ___________________

My first meeting with them is: ________________________

My division is:   _____________________________________

And its regular meeting time is:_________________________________

How do I get travel funding? ___________________________________

How do I apply for other funding?  ______________________________
The next Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee meeting will be July 28, 2003 from 3:15-4:30 in 428 Main Library.  There will be no meeting in August.

Respectfully submitted,
Beth Woodard