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July 12, 2004

Present:  Beth Woodard, Susie Duncan, Joe Zumalt, Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Kelly, John Weible, Diana Walter, Sue Searing

Fall GA Training—the tentative schedule is complete and should be sent out to the faculty by the end of the week.  See the schedule at http;//

Report to the faculty has been postponed.  The June agenda was too full and the July meeting was cancelled.   The coordinator has met with two divisions:  Technical Services and Social Sciences Division.  Social Sciences has suggested that training needs be included in Unit Annual reports.  There was some discussion as to how this might happen and what kind of information might the committee want to see from this.

White Paper draft discussion.  The draft White Paper authored by Joe Zumalt was distributed and discussed.  Suggestions for wording changes were given in writing.  The addition of Purdue’s website was suggested, as well as using their approach as a model, with one technology trainer and using the expertise of many individuals on staff.  Quite a bit of time was spent discussing how we can improve our ability to conduct in-house training.  Beth will gather statistics on GA training, Microsoft products training, and Voyager Training to include in the report.

The committee will not meet in August.  Alternate times for committee meetings were discussed, but will wait until committee members for next year have been selected by the Executive Committee to make a final decision on time.