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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

April 12, 2004

Present:  John Weible, Joe Zumalt, Sue Searing, Beth Woodard, Michael Norman, Lisa Hinchliffe

1. The committee reviewed the Office workshop signups and discussed the need for basic handouts.  We agreed to use the Texas A & M handouts in the short term.

2. The problem of people signing up, but not attending was discussed, and ways to get higher attendance.  Joe Zumalt pointed out that the Texas A & M model was to go to the people in their units instead of having them go outside their unit as we do.

3. The need for there to be a report of this committee at a faculty meeting was discussed.

4. Ways of recognizing individuals for completing training was discussed, either using certificates, or email, etc.

5. Possible future sessions were discussed.  John Weible will talk to Stephanie Baker about doing a session on Express Mail configuration, and will also investigate doing a session on remote access to the server in late May or early June.  Other sessions.  Coaching was another topic that could be investigated.  Web design and DreamWeaver workshops were another topic of interest.

6. Beth updated the group on her discussion with 2 members of the Strategic Planning group about the section on training.  They will get back to her with a draft.  Some of the issues discussed included infrastructure, better needs assessment, developing a culture of valuing training, new staff orientation, and retooling for changing jobs.

7. Joe Zumalt suggested writing a white paper which talks about where we want staff development and training to go in the future and the resources that it will take to get there.  Someone else suggested a “pink paper” which would compile a directory of “expertise’ within the library.

8. Next meeting:  Monday, April 26th