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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

November 10, 2003
Library 428

Members Present
Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Kelly, Michael Norman, Sue Searing, Helen Sullivan, Diana Walter, John Weible, Beth Woodard

Members Absent
Susie Duncan

1. Review minutes of the last meeting
Beth gave an overview of the last meeting minutes and asked the committee to review the submitted minutes.

2. Training Events recently completed/upcoming:
a. Email changes
b. Voyager circulation for administration
c. Excel for Collection Managers -- This training session was well attended and library staff has expressed interest in more sessions.
d. Voyager Reporting
e. Microsoft Project -- More training sessions will be offered in December.
f. Data security forum -- This training session was also well attended.

3. Training needs
a. Survey – The committee viewed and approved the new survey.  Beth will draft an email message which will be sent to Lib-Fac and Lib-Staff.

4. New Employee Orientation Draft – The committee discussed the draft at length and made suggestions.

5. Cindy’s draft statement regarding need for job description for all employees Cindy and Beth met to look at the orientation checklist and prepared a draft for discussion.
6. Sample welcome packet; draft list of contents – The committee viewed a draft list of welcome packet contents and made additional suggestions.  The list’s contents will be placed on the training website.  The committee discussed several ways in which a staff-supervisor relationship could be cultivated (including welcome packet follow-up and basic skill follow-up).

Next Meeting’s Discussion Topics
1. Update on E*vents and registration
a. Donna Hoffman will be trained in a few weeks so that she can also add events, and remove individuals from registration lists
b. Subcommittee to write draft policy on use of the E*Vents calendar
2. More Office training, basic computers, EndNote
3. Conference Call capability in 509 Funk ACES
4. Email survey of graduate assistants
5. GA Training
a. How to get feedback from participants?
b. How to find out what other optional sessions should be added.
i. Top Teper – volunteered to do a preservation session
ii. Lynn Wiley – has volunteered several times to do an ILL session
iii. Need to include session on supervising?
iv. Incorporate System’s training for unit webmaster
c. Timing of training for spring semester; how much to offer?
6. Preservation Committee Mentoring Program
a. Role for this group?
b. Ask Tom Teper to come to explain it to us?
c. Incorporate into New Employee Orientation?
d. Examine other areas where this model could be used? (CDC with collection development for example)

The next committee meeting will be December 15th from 3:15 to 4:30 in room 428 Library.

Respectfully submitted,
Ely Anderson
User Education GA