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Staff Development and Training Commitee Minutes

May 10, 2004

Present:  Joe Zumalt, Sue Searing, Beth Woodard, Diana Walter, Susie Duncan, Lisa Hinchliffe

1. Strategic Planning

The group discussed the Strategic Planning draft.  There was some question as to whether or not some priority was assumed with the ordering.  It was pointed out that as this is an external document, internal emphasis such as training should probably not be the first item on the list.

There was also quite a bit of discussion of the problem with non-parallel structure, such as the listing of specific competencies for service, but not for collection development or preservation, and there are some very specific continuing education items for technical services mentioned that seem to be internal to that department.

The “recognition system” mentioned caused quite a bit of confusion, and the committee would like clarification about what the strategic planning committee meant by this, especially whether this is public recognition or private for the employee, or for the employee’s file.

2. White Paper

Joe Zumalt and Beth Woodard will draft something for the committee to respond to.  Joe has gathered some resources, including a SPEC Kit, the Texas A & M annual report with job descriptions.  The group discussed describing what the future would be like as an employee and how training would be more integrated into work life and at your own desk.  The strategy we would recommend would be one for a transitional period.  It was suggested that we include vignettes, and Sue Searing volunteered to help write those.

3. GA Orientation
A suggestion was made to establish a GA listserv that could be used to send out bi-weekly messages that graduate assistants needed to know, but not on day one.  Examples would include information about Archives, Rare Books, Oak Street, Preservation, etc.  Another suggestion was that it could just be posted on Libnews-L since others may be interested as well.

How to Choose the Right Database is a session that should be added.   It was also suggested that a session on basic search strategies should precede the sessions on individual vendor software. Sue will add some questions for WilsonWeb and Cambridge Scientific for library databases, even though there is not time in the sessions to cover that vendor software.

Reordering of the sessions on the required afternoon was suggested.  See the webpage at for updated information.

It was suggested that there was too much time for Circulation Basics if they’ve already covered searching techniques.

4.   Next meeting:  Monday, May 24th.