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Coordinating Conference(s) Procedures

The LSSC is responsible for coordinating several conferences for Library Staff.  They are Reaching Forward South, the Biennial Conference For Women, and ALA.

The LSSC asks approval from Library Administration for 12 attendees to Reaching Forward South, 20 attendees to the Biennial Conference For Women, and 2 to ALA.  Please note the attendees for BCW is for 20 people to attend 1 day only.

Below lists procedures for each conference.

Reaching Forward South:

Located in Springfield in October.

LSSC now has the list of attendees.

LSSC now has arranged transportation. Next registration forms need to be filled out.

Biennial Conference For Women

Located in Urbana in May.

Registration needs to be done months in advance of the BCW in order to receive the early bird discount. This is usually in February. When anyone on the Committee receives their card announcing the conference that is when LSSC should start working Conference on registration.

LSSC now has the list of attendees.


Location Changes conference held in June