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Search Assistant Working Group Meeting Minutes

August 7 th, 2007

Present: Kathleen Kern (chair), Bill Mischo, Katie Newman, Peggy Steele, Nathan Yarasavage

1.   Top Level Page:

Location of drop-down box:

We looked at two mockups of the new gateway with the dropdown option box for the Easy Search.  (These were created in Photoshop since the test server wasn't yet available.)  Links to all mockups are available from the SAWG committee page "links" page,

Comparing and , we decided we preferred the first version.

Modifications will be mocked up:

·         Put "in" in between the Search box and the dropdown box.  So it will read "Enter search terms" in "General Resources"

·         Put a link to "more options" this area on the gateway page, which will lead to the Easy Search Homepage.  Try two variations:  putting "more options" next to the "Go" button and next to the sentence "Search by Title, author, or keyword."  (There may not be enough space next to the Go button, if folks are using low resolution monitors.)

·         We also discussed putting some sort of "help" button in this area, which would lead to a page that would explain search syntax, but did not recommend where this might go, or decide that it needs to be present.


Content of drop-down box:

We decided to put the following large categories in the drop-down box:

General Resources

Arts & Humanities




Life & Health Sciences

Physical Sciences

Social Sciences

At some point in the future we may decide to break Arts & Humanities into separate categories.  And what about "Area Studies"?

Content of databases in each category in the drop-down box:

Keeping an eye on the fact that we want to go live in two weeks, and that several of the divisions have not yet made their db selections, we decided to select several dbs for them so there would be SOMETHING in the slot.  We'll explain that we did this for expediency and that it's not fixed in stone; and that we only have definitions for some of the interfaces at this point.  Many of the relevant A&H and Social Sciences databases are in search platforms for which we don't yet have definitions.

Nathan will be updating the list of databases in each category on this page, adding:

Already defined:  Engineering; Business, History (which will be part of A&H)

[A&Is with question marks weren't discussed during the meeting but are suggestions from the recorder, KN]

?Historical Abstracts (ABC/CLIO)

?America: History and Life (ABC/CLIO)

? MLA international bibliography of books and articles on the modern languages and literatures (EBSCO)

?RILM abstracts of music literature (EBSCO)

?Art Full Text (Wilson)


Education Full Text

Biological Abstracts (WoK)

CAB Abstracts PubMed (use Medline via WoK platform for now; but prefer PubMed platform)


?Library and Information Science Abstracts (CSA)


GeoRef (CSA)


Note: the General Resources databases will be searched in addition to whatever subject area is chosen - so if a user chooses one of the specific subject areas, they will ALSO search:

Academic Search Premier (Ebsco)
Expanded Academic ASAP (/Gale)
Periodical Abstracts (OCLC)
Scopus Database (Elsevier)
Web of Science -- Science, Medicine, Social Sciences, Humanities (Thomson Sci)

Comment from KN:  Shouldn't we change from Expanded Academic to Academic OneFile...includes Expanded Academic, and more. 

2. Second level "Easy Search Homepage"

This page will also be organized in "folders" around the general subject headings chosen for the main page drop down. Within each selectable folder we will have selectable sub-categories, possibly mimicking the subjects in the ORR.  Nathan will try to create a mock up of the second level page for us. 

 We decided that the second level will NOT have selectable databases; rather just selectable categories and subject areas.

 For "day one" in two weeks, the second level may primarily just offer the options currently on the SA homepage, but will grow with time.

Next meeting.

There will not be a meeting next week.  We will evaluate Nathan's new mockups via email.

Katie Newman,  Recorder