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Search Assistant Working Group Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2007

Present: Susan Avery, Kathleen Kern (chair), Bill Mischo, Katie Newman, Nancy O'Brien, Peggy Steele, Nathan Yarasavage (recorder)

1.      Announcements:

We were reminded that the G Drive SAWG folder and the SAWG web site have been created. The web site is accessible at .

2.      Updates on Subject Portals


Nancy confirmed that ERIC is now in CSA, therefore implementation of the Education portal can commence.  Completion of the Education portal prior to the Fall semester is preferred.  Per Nancy's email dating 6/12/2007 the Education portal will contain Education Full-Text (Wilson platform) and ERIC (CSA platform).

Health/Life Sciences

Working versions under development

Social Sciences

The SSD is currently compiling lists of databases to include in a social sciences portal.  This list should be available for the SAWG by mid-August.


Susan reported that the placement and databases to be included in the Undergrad portal are under discussion by the Undergraduate librarians.

3.      Discussion

Kathleen posed the question of how and when to encourage other libraries and divisions to add subject portals to the mix.  We agreed that it makes sense to wait until the new portals (Education, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, etc.) are developed before actively seeking any additional portals.  We also agreed that we will need a mechanism (web page) that pulls together all existing portals into one place.  This will benefit users and will illustrate to other libraries/divisions how their new portals could be included.

A large part of the meeting was devoted to discussing how SA/Easy Search fits in with the new Library Gateway.  Bill mentioned that the latest version of the new Gateway is available on the Grainger server at  During this discussion, we reviewed some of our recommendations to the Web Content Group from our June 12 th meeting.  Kathleen agreed to email the entire list of recommendations to all members of the Web Content Group for their review.

Continuing the discussion, we looked at the results from an Easy Search Book Search. We noted the following:

Under the Journals tab of the new Gateway template, we recommended changing the text in the second box from "enter article subject' to "enter article topic".

Looking at the proposed second level Easy Search page (, we discussed the following:

4.      Assignments

Kathleen will email our list of recommendations from the June 12 th minutes to the Web Content Group.

SAWG members are asked to look at the second level Easy Search page and think about what it should do and what it should look like.  How do we incorporate all subject portals?

Members should also take a look at the resources included in the new Gateway-level Easy Search and be prepared to discuss them at the next meeting.

(Submitted by Nathan Yarasavage)