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Search Assistant Working Group Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2007

Present: Susan Avery, Kathleen Kern (chair), Bill Mischo, Nancy O'Brien, Peggy Steele (recorder), Nathan Yarasavage

1.      Minutes & Communication:

The minutes from the May 23, 2007 meeting were amended and approved as amended.  The SAWG email alias is now available for the group to use.  After the meeting we also learned that the new SAWG folder has been created on the G drive. 

2.      Discussion Item:

There was extensive discussion of the "Easy Search" functionality presented on the new Gateway top level page and the relationship of Easy Search to the "Search Assistant" entry under " Quick Links" and the "Browse by Subject: Subjects A-Z."   Bill explained the Web Content group's thinking on the content/layout of this page and SAWG developed several recommendations for Bill to take back to the Web Content group.

3.      Recommendations for the Web Content group:

4.      Assignment:

SAWG members are asked to review the resources currently searchable via "Easy Search" and be prepared to discuss them at the next meeting.   Members are also asked to review the information in Katie's email dated 12 June 2007.

5.      Next Meeting:

The next meeting is scheduled for . . . in room . . .   It will be Nathan's turn to take minutes.

(Submitted by Peggy Steele)